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9771 Wireless Cloud Element Radio Network Controller


9771 Wireless Cloud Element Radio Network Controller

The Nokia 9771 Wireless Cloud Element Radio Network Controller (WCE RNC) is responsible for the control and management of radio resources in a W-CDMA network. Based on an IT platform and using the latest virtualization techniques, it represents a new and innovative approach, which offers unmatched flexibility, scalability, and performance. First of its kind on the marketplace today, the 9771 WCE RNC also provides significant total cost of ownership (TCO) gains compared to traditional RNC products.

The Nokia 9771 Wireless Cloud Element opens a new era for mobile networks, an era when virtualized telecom applications can be run on standard commercial-off-the-shelf IT platforms located in the cloud, and can be easily uploaded/downloaded and dynamically reconfigured based on carriers’ strategy and network requirements. With the Nokia 9771 WCE RNC, the journey to virtualized RAN (vRAN) becomes reality.

9771 WCE RNC9771 WCE RNC

Benefits & Features

Reduced total cost of ownership


  • Cost-optimized IT platform  uses virtualization technology to enable hardware and software independence allowing multiple applications to be hosted  and share available hardware resources
  • Provides up to 25% OPEX gains vs. traditional RNCs

Flexibility and scalability

  • Scalable multi-tenancy capable platform
  • Can start small and scale as necessary to an almost limitless degree
  • Flexible reconfiguration while in service

Capacity and performance

  • Up to 120kErl, 16.5Gbps, and 12kcells
  • Unprecedented capabilities in redundancy, downtime maintenance, and load balancing