9500 Microwave Cross-Connect

The Nokia 9500 Microwave Cross-Connect (9500 MXC) is a new generation of digital, medium-high capacity, point-to-point microwave radio. A flexible platform, it supports PDH, SDH/SONET, Ethernet interfaces and node configuration. The 9500 MXC provides an effective solution for high capacity applications addressing the needs of a growing segment. Microwave solutions for high capacity applications are particularly important with the introduction of UMTS and HSDPA in mobile networks, due to the renewal of television networks with the launch of DVB-T and DVB-H, and because of the popularity of broadband networks.

The 9500 MCX supports SDH/SONET and "super PDH" applications going up to 75 E1/100DS1, with higher flexibility afforded by its integrated cross connection capabilities. Additionally, the product fits well for fixed applications, including DSLand WiMAX backhauling, due to its multiple interfaces: PDH, SDH and Ethernet with integrated Layer 2 switching.

The 9500 MXC is a complete, homogeneous, and high-reliability series from 6 to 38 GHz. While its unique network management solutions serve both small and large networks, its compact design enables easy installation and ensures that maximum commonality is achieved across frequencies and capacities.


  • High-integration design delivers high reliability
  • Unmatched PDH high capacity and node configuration
  • Integrated cross-connection functionalities
  • Integrated Ethernet switching functionalities
  • High capacity Ethernet and QoS management


  • A complete homogeneous family from 6 GHz up to 38 GHz, ensuring maximum radio performances in each frequency band
  • SDH capacity up to 2xSTM-1/OC-3 addressable as 1+0, 1+1 or 2+0. Furthermore, to improve spectrum efficiency, Xpic and 2xSTM-1/OC-3 single carrier (311) is also supported
  • Super PDH functionality up to 75xE1/100xDS1 with mux functionality
  • Ethernet interfaces up to 200 Mb/s with 4x10/100BaseT interfaces and integrated Ethernet switching
  • Full support of ETSI and ANSI standards
  • High-spectrum efficiency with QPSK, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM and 128QAM -- 256QAM is also supported only for ANSI applications
  • Integrated in the Nokia network management platform; SNMP agent
  • Highly compact indoor/outdoor architecture
  • Intelligent IDU for flexible configurations (PDH-SDH-ETH; Node configuration)
  • Optimized SDH IDU and Ethernet IDU for dedicate applications