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9471 Wireless Mobility Manager

The Alcatel-Lucent 9471 Wireless Mobility Manager (WMM) is a combined mobility management entity and serving GPRS support node (MME/SGSN) in the evolved packet core network. It delivers the signaling performance and subscriber scalability needed for today’s mobile services and provides the capacity to support large scale macro, metro, and small cell network deployments.

Field-proven software with a rich feature set enables new LTE/IMS service revenue opportunities while also significantly reducing network signaling traffic. Advanced overload control protection and session restoration capabilities provide high reliability and availability features.

The 9471 WMM operates on highly scalable, industry-standard computing platforms with an evolution path to support network functions virtualization (NFV). This deployment flexibility protects your investment while lowering the risk of migrating to NFV.

The 9471 WMM is part of our  IP Mobile Core solution.

Benefits & Features

Lowers costs and provides investment protection

  • Combines the SGSN and MME on an industry-standard computing (ATCA) platform
  • Common UE database with shared resources for 2G/3G and 4G/LTE subscribers 
  • Supports radio access and core network sharing

High performance and scalability

Industry standard x86 and ATCA based platforms support large scale macro, metro, and small cell networks

Distributed processing architecture with high-performance, multi-core processors delivers high subscriber scaling  

Simplified network operations and planning

Combined MME/SGSN with flexible subscriber licensing simplifies planning and engineering even with a changing mix of 2G/3G/LTE traffic

Field-proven software that has been deployed in the world’s largest LTE networks demonstrates expertise

Common EMS across core and LTE network delivers a single screen view of the entire network

Reduced network signaling and improved user experience

Smart LTE paging and tracking area management algorithms reduce signaling and extend device battery life

Integrated LTE network analytics quickly identify network and user issues that reduce drive testing

High-availability and reliability

Fully protected platform with pooling and optional geo-redundancy ensures that services remain up and running

Advanced overload protection monitors and manages RAN and core signaling loads

Enhanced session restoration capabilities maintain subscriber service continuity

Evolution path to NFV

Platform migration to NFV and virtualized MME and SGSN functions improve network utilization and operational efficiency