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7363 ISAM MX-6 (ETSI)

The Nokia 7363 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) MX-6 is a high capacity, modular micro-node designed to support voice, DSL, and point-to-point services.  The 7363 ISAM shelf includes six service slots and two common control slots for flexible deployment of mixed services.

The 7363 ISAM MX-6 shelf was designed with ultra-broadband services in mind.  System level vectoring functionality is integrated in the shelf backplane and common control modules allow for seamless deployment of ultra-broadband services.  Return on investment is achieved through a high capacity backplane that anticipates future DSL technologies.

Benefits & Features

Enables deployment of ultra-broadband services in one compact, high capacity modular shelf

  • Compact form factor occupies 2 RU in a 19” rack
  • High-capacity backplane
  • Up to 192 VDSL2 ports in 2 RU

Superior VDSL2 vectoring performance

  • Integrated system level vectoring
  • Simultaneous support of vectoring and bonding
  • Zero-touch vectoring for seamless legacy CPE support

Flexibility to deploy services where and how you need to

  • Deploy in cabinets racks and buildings
  • Supports point-to-point or GPON uplinks
  • Ideally suited for outdoor cabinet deployment with low-noise, wide-temperature range