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The Nokia 7330 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) Fiber to the Node (FTTN) (ANSI) IP-DSLAMs support deployment scenarios ranging from 48-line applications with small form factor SEMs to 864-line applications with the ARAM-E shelf. With the 7330 ISAM products, service providers can offer ultra-high-bandwidth services while leveraging their existing copper plant.

The 7330 ISAM FTTN ANSI supports VDSL2 with vectoring and pair bonding. This enables broadband speeds of 100 Mb/s and beyond.

The Nokia 7330 ISAM Remote Aggregator (RA) supports flexible aggregation of DSL services by aggregating traffic from up to 24 shelf-based or sealed DSL expansion modules throughout the network. This distributed DSLAM solution is a powerful alternative for serving low-density and hard-to-reach serving areas. Nokia 7330 ISAM products comprise the most widely deployed access platforms in the world. They power some of the largest FTTN deployments around the globe.

1850 TSS - 160

Benefits and features

Enables faster deployment of fast broadband with the quickest ROI

  • Fast broadband supporting 100 Mb/s and beyond with VDSL2 vectoring
  • Multi-pair bonding for increased bandwidth to residential (2 pair) or business (up to 8 pair) subscribers
  • FTTN overlay reduces CAPEX and time to market when compared to FTTH overlay

Reduces costs through flexible architecture that addresses a wide range of outside plant conditions

  • Small sealed or rack-mounted remotes to support hard-to-reach areas
  • Four- and 16-slot shelves for larger deployment areas
  • Cabinet-based solutions for traditional FTTN deployments

Leverages a residential access network for mobile backhaul and business services

  • Vectoring and multi-pair bonding for high-bandwidth applications
  • Supporting CPE includes the Nokia 7705 SAR-M with integrated VDSL2 uplink with bonding support