5620 Service Aware Manager

The Nokia 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM) enables end-to-end network and service management across all domains of the converged, all-IP network – delivering unified operations, whether network services are running in a virtualized environment or on specialized hardware platforms. This product helps service providers quickly maximize operational efficiencies through fast provisioning and troubleshooting, proactive assurance, and flexibility that eases integration into the network. In addition, visually insightful approaches to network and service management, deliver enhanced network operations tools for meeting next-generation network assurance challenges, such as for Virtual Network Functions (VNF) assurance.

The 5620 SAM is a proven solution that is widely deployed worldwide in more than 600 service provider networks for mobile, enterprise, residential and converged services delivery.

Tightly integrated within the 5620 SAM, the Nokia 5650 Control Plane Assurance Manager (CPAM) provides unprecedented visibility into the dynamic multivendor IP/MPLS routing plane. The 5620 SAM also provides custom service portals and pre-certified OSS partner application integrations to speed deployment and simplify integration into the network.



Learn more about the 5620 SAM through the following series of videos.

     Converged IP management with the Nokia
     5620 SAM

     Nokia 5620 SAM - Visual Insight for assuring
     next-gen networks

5620 SAM – Assurance visualization for network & service operations5620 SAM – Assurance visualization for network & service operations

Benefits & Features

Reduces time-to-market and increases flexibility when launching new and advanced services

  • GUI forms simplify configuration, QoS assignment and provisioning.
  • Automation speeds tasks and the costs associated with them.
  • Service templates and rules-based configuration ensure error-free, consistent configuration.

Helps resolve problems before they affect customers

  • Fault correlation and troubleshooting tools show impacted services and the root cause of problems.
  • Service assurance capabilities enable performance management and SLA reporting.

Enables better operational fit to customize to existing operations environment and leverage current OSS/BSS investments


  • Script management and GUI design tools plus custom workflow builders simplify integration.
  • Open interfaces enable integration with custom web portals and OSSs/BSSs.