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1830 Photonic Service Interconnect

Scalable, secure, flexible DCI for the cloud era

The Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect product family provides industry leading performance, scale, and simplicity for Data Center Interconnection (DCI) applications.  The massive shift to cloud based IT services by private companies, carrier service providers, and internet content providers (ICP) is dramatically lowering software application costs, while expanding computation and storage scalability.  The 1830 PSI products offer optimized optical network solutions for the cloud era.

1830 Photonic Service Interconnect – 2T

The Nokia 1830 PSI-2T is a new generation of high capacity, cost efficient optical networking solutions, optimized for data center interconnect applications over metro, regional, and long haul distances

  • Compact size and blade form factor optimized for data center applications
  • Advanced multi-modulation (100G, 200G, 250G) line ports based on industry leading Nokia Super Coherent PSE-2s optics
  • Simple plug–and-play operations, with auto-discovery / auto-provisioning, saving time and operations costs
  • Streaming telemetry and open API interfaces enable operational simplicity
  • AC or DC modular power options, allowing deployment in any location
  • Integrated L1 encryption (AES256) ensures information security
  • Supports both 100GE and 40GE clients
  • Integrates with 1830 PSS -8, -16, 32 platforms, providing a wide array of optical transport solutions from simple, low cost WDM terminals to advanced CDC-F ROADMs

1830 PSI-2T

Low cost, flexible optical networking


  • Local data center expansion, where new data center facilities are added in close proximity to an existing data center
  • Local data caching site to metro point of presence
  • Data center to data center interconnections over long haul / international distances


  • Simple plug-and-play operations with auto-discovery / auto-provisioning
  • Additional capacity and bandwidth can be added instantly
  • Streaming telemetry enables real time monitoring




  • Support up to 2T capacity in 1 RU
  • Provisioned, multi-modulation line ports enable optimization of capacity and distance
  • Coherent optical line ports based on industry leading Nokia PSE-2s digital signal processor