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Cyber Security for Power Utilities

As cyber-attacks have the potential to severely impact power grids, multi-layered protection is vital for securing the smart grid end-to-end. Compliance to regulations and standards that include NERC-CIP, NIST, IEC, and IEEE are forcing extensive changes in the overall utility security framework.

Nokia Smart Grid Communications solution is designed and tested with end-to-end security in mind. These solutions bring together best-in-class technology and services from Nokia’s certified security professionals to keep the network grid secure. 

Cyber security capabilities, including encryption, stateful firewall, access control lists (ACL), and IP/MPLS VPNs are built into Nokia’s mission critical-grade IP/MPLS, optics and microwave products. These high-level security measures help to protect utilities today, while further developments are continuously ensuring maximum security in the future.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Nokia cyber security solution for utilities with new product innovation award. Read about the award


Cyber security capabilities are built-in to the following award-winning Nokia product, solution and services portfolios:


Nokia IP/MPLS products are a key component of the critical wide area network communications solution that provide strong mechanisms to protect the management, control, and data planes to mitigate security threats. Capabilities include quality of service-enabled stateful firewall, access control lists (ACL), traffic rate control and queuing, comprehensive user authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA), strong password security provided by SNMPv3 confidentiality, integrity features and Secure Shell (SSH) encryption, and exponential back-off. As well, HMAC-MD5 for control plane packets, 802.1x for unauthorized device connection, network address translation (NAT) for addressing, and Network Group Encryption (NGE) for data confidentiality and authentication. And, inherent to IP/MPLS, LSPs behave as virtual leased lines, effectively stopping remote attackers from injecting traffic in the middle of a circuit path.


The 1830 Photonic Service Switch provides real-time, L1 encryption across Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transport, with L1 hardware encryption at 10G. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used with latency of less than 10 μs. The 1830 PSS can manage specific physical and logical security risks including enabling a secure hardened device configuration, comprehensive logs with intrusion prevention alarms, highly flexible optical interface redundancy options, and an optical intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized optical fiber taping.


The 9500 Microwave Packet Radio portfolio supports the 256 byte Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on the radio links complying with FIPS 197 along with support for SFTP covering software downloads, database backups and download/upload of PM statistics.

Smart Grid Solutions

End-to-end cyber security capabilities of Nokia’s Smart Grid Communication Solutions are validated through use cases as part of the pre-testing prior to its release. For example, the performance validation of encrypted traffic that travels across a WAN of IP/MPLS, packet microwave radio and WDM for secure transport from aggregation points to a data center. This holistic view helps reduce risk.

Bell Labs Consulting

Nokia Bell Labs Consulting provides a comprehensive structured approach to assessing the security posture and requirements for the evolving operational environment in which utilities operate – technologies used, threats faced, and compliance required Using a structured approach which leverages a range of standards, guidelines and best-practices a layered defense-in-depth approach employing a range of security controls from physical, technical and procedural categories is developed.


What can Cyber Security Solutions do for your operations?

  • Ensure the data within your organization stays within your organization
  • Ensure your mission-critical network is always on and under full control
  • Protect the privacy of your employees and customers
  • Meet government regulations and standards

How can Nokia help?

  • Secure-by-design, Nokia network solutions help utilities maintain the high availability they have come to expect for mission-critical applications while incorporating IP technology for Smart Grid.
  • Network and equipment designs with no single point of failure help protect against attacks.
  • Automatic failover, application-aware QoS and MPLS traffic engineering capabilities ensure continuity of communications.
  • Leverage Nokia's security skills to assure the continuity of service against malicious attacks with in-depth, end-to-end cyber protection.
  • Bell Labs Consulting to assess and, using a structured approach, define a defense-in-depth approach