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LTE (4.5G, 4.5G pro, 4.9G)

The Nokia path to 5G: Evolving LTE to support new opportunities and near-5G performance

Nokia helps you prepare your network and business for 5G. With 4.5G, we brought massive connectivity to the Internet of Things and made LTE meet the requirements of mission-critical services, such as those for public safety. With 4.5G Pro, we introduced gigabit data rates and AirScale, our 5G radio system. With 4.9G we continue to drive LTE performance beyond what was considered possible just a few years ago, supporting user data rates of 2 Gbps, latency times of 2 ms and massive capacity powered by massive MIMO to address ever-growing data demand.

Our products and solutions

AirScale Base Station

You can't see the future, but this base station helps you to be ready for it


AirScale Micro RRH

Build outdoor and indoor networks with the right cell size for the location


AirScale Radio Access

Next generation radio access network that delivers services with unlimited capacity scaling and market-leading latency and connectivity


Licensed/Unlicensed aggregation

More capacity for your LTE network


LTE for railways

Replace legacy and multiple radio networks with a single unified LTE solution.


LTE Ground-to-Train for Railways

Communicate between ground communications infrastructure and onboard systems