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Partner Certification Program


Partner Certification Program

Building an ecosystem and ensuring partner applications can be deployed seamlessly in Nokia cloud infrastructure

To ensure carrier grade availability and resilience of applications, Nokia verifies that resources can be shared between them, that overall system integrity is maintained and that security is guaranteed. The aim is to deliver a combination of certified applications on one private cloud.

Certification focuses on simplifying the integration of partner applications and readying the end-to-end solution for operator projects.

The certification process assures Nokia partners and operators that the cloud application will:

  • Use a common hardware infrastructure in the most efficient way
  • Ensure good resource allocation between different virtual network functions
  • Provide a common operations concept
  • Work well with the management and orchestration software layer
  • Implement the operator’s feature requests
  • Integrate any change requirement easily

  • Certified partners are prioritized for operator business
  • Partner applications are enhanced and developed with Nokia
  • Partner applications are aligned with operator telco cloud deployment objectives
  • Reference partner applications support efficient telco cloud deployment

Certification is complex, often requiring multiple iterations. To accelerate this process, the Nokia partner certification portal will automate pre-test assessments of partner applications and prepare them for the next certification level. In future, an automated software download feature will be added to further speed up the testing procedure.

  • Certification will ensure smooth deployment of solutions onto the telco cloud platform. It will also offer end-to-end integration with Nokia virtual network functions
  • Operators can build a customized ecosystem using end-to-end integrated application shells that are easily scaled on the telco cloud platform
  • Certification covers ETSI NFV, (European Telecommunications Standards Institute, network function virtualization) and architectural framework. It is divided into four levels, from basic functionality to a fully automated service, together with network orchestration and service chaining

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The Nokia Partner Certification Program helsp to ensure an excellent standardized, open and scalable telco cloud platform for partners and operators. By joining the global Telco Cloud Partner Certification Program, partners can benefit from rapid deployment of their application onto the Nokia Networks telco cloud platform. The pre-testing of components ensures flawless operation of individual network functions, guaranteeing that operators get fully functional, integrated end-to-end services.