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Self-Paced Learning

The resources below are available to help you study, prepare for an exam, or achieve a desired certification. For questions about any of our Self-Paced Learning resources, you can send an e-mail to

Course Materials

Order an electronic copy of any of our ONC course materials. Lab guides included.

My Nokia Optical Lab 

My Nokia Optical Lab provides private, remote access to a hosted Nokia optical lab environment. The service is designed to provide users with easy access to a lab for practicing and developing hands-on design, management, and troubleshooting skills using the equipment.  The service is also a great way to complete the lab exercises found in the student lab guide that comes with each course. There are three types of labs available:

  • Nokia 1830 Engineering and Planning Tool (EPT) lab
  • Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) lab

Practice Exams

Practice exam questions will test your knowledge and prepare you for Nokia ONC written exams. Compare your responses with the Answer Keys at the end of the document.