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Recertification - Optical Network Certifications

You have made an important investment by earning a Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC).  Don’t let your certification lapse.  All certifications in the Nokia ONC Program are valid for three years. After three years, you will need to recertify to ensure your certification remains current and active.

Complete the recertification requirements below during your eligibility window to renew your certification and to retain your professional designation.

You can view your certification status, dates, and exam results from the Student Portal:

Why Recertify?

  • You’ve made an important investment to become certified, avoid having your certification expire
  • Prove to yourself and your employer that you are keeping your skills active and up-to-date
  • Continue working towards more advanced certifications without taking a step back

Three key dates to remember

Please keep these important dates in mind and organize your recertification activities around them:

  1. Certification date: The day your certification was awarded.
  2. Certification expiry date: The day three years from when your certification was awarded. Note – If you pass a recertification requirement, the expiration and termination dates for your certifications will be reset to the date that you wrote the exam.
  3. Certification termination date: The day your certification terminates if you do not successfully complete the recertification requirements within 6 months after your expiry date.

Take advantage of your opportunity to recertify

You can recertify at any time before your certification termination date. Recertify before your termination date to maintain your original certification ID.

Recertification Requirements

To maintain your certification status, you must successfully pass one of the recertification requirements associated with the certification that you hold prior to the certification termination date. Recertification options are as follows:

Exam Name Optical Network
Optical Network
Services Expert
Optical Network
Design Expert
Optical Network
4A0-205 Optical Networking Fundamentals X      
4A0-210 Optical Network Management with NFM-T        
4A0-220 GMPLS-controlled Optical Networks   X X X
4A0-230 Integrated Packet Transport over WDM   X X X
4A0-240 Optical Transport for Mobile Services   X X X
4A0-250 Fundamentals of Optical Network Design   X    
4A0-255 Advanced Optical Network Design   X    
4A0-260 Advanced Optical Network Management with NFM-T   X X  
4A0-265 Optical Diagnostics and Troubleshooting   X X  
ONSE-LE Optical Network Services Expert Lab Exam   X X X
ONDE-LE Optical Network Design Expert Lab Exam   X X  
ONCA-LE Optical Network Architect Lab Exam   X X X

If you choose to write the required written exam prior to your termination date, your new certification date is the date you pass the exam. You must write the required recertification exam prior to your termination date to keep your certification active and maintain your original certification ID.

If you automatically renew your certification, your new certification date is effective on the date that you meet the automatic renewal requirement. You can automatically renew at any time prior to your certification termination date (which is 6 months after your certification expiration date). Your certification will remain active, and you will maintain your original certification ID.

Prepare for your exam

ONC Program content constantly evolves with the requirements of the IP industry. You can prepare for your recertification by pursuing a self-study option or you can register for an instructor-led ONC course that is convenient for you. Visit to view the available self-study resources. Visit to review current course outlines and class schedules.

Register for your exam

All written exams are available globally through Nokia's test provider, Pearson VUE.  The Student Portal lets program participants register and manage exams online through a single portal.  When you recertify, you will obtain a new diploma within eight to twelve weeks of your exam activity. You will also maintain your original certification ID.

Working toward a higher level of certification?

Your current level of certification must be active in order for you to be granted higher-level certifications. For example, if you have a Nokia Optical Network Design Expert certification, this certification must be active in order for you to qualify for the Nokia Optical Network Architect certification. 

What happens if you don’t recertify?

If you do not recertify prior to your certification termination date, your certification will be terminated. Once a certification is terminated, you lose all benefits of the certification. You will also need to meet all original certification requirements again to re-obtain the certification. If you do re-obtain it, you will be issued a new certification ID and diploma.

Why let your important certification designation lapse? Take steps to easily recertify during your recertification eligibility period by completing your recertification requirements.

If you have any questions regarding your certification activity, please contact us at