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Nokia Advanced Optical Network Management with 1350 OMS [DEPRICATED]

Course Overview

This course is designed for mid- to senior-level network operations and management personnel. Participants will gain skills in using the 1350 OMS to efficiently and effectively manage an 1830 PSS-based optical network with a focus on advanced areas of optical network construction, protection, and management. Topics include advanced network architectures and protection schemes, problem analysis and resolution, advanced OMS system capabilities, and advanced OMS server administration. The course includes extensive hands-on lab exercises to ensure students acquire working-level skills on the topics presented.

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Credit Towards Certification

  • Nokia Optical Network Certification – Architect


5 days (including lectures and hands-on lab exercises)

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge and experience performing standard optical network management tasks using the 1350 OMS


Nokia Advanced Optical Network Management with 1350 OMS (4A0-202)

Course Number


Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe optical network models available in 1350 OMS
  • List the elements of each optical network model
  • Apply the most suitable optical network model to given customer requirements
  • Install 1830 Engineering and Planning Tool (EPT) files for advanced optical network scenarios
  • Run the Commissioning and Power Balancing Tool (CPB) NE provisioning to create the advanced scenario network
  • Synchronize the NEs
  • Upload the external connections to OMS
  • Provision 100G/200G uplinks in multiple network scenarios
  • Provision PSS-4 terminated traffic
  • Provision Optical Protection Switching – B (OPSB) client signal  protection
  • Identify and analyze primary traces and logs for network component, service implementation, system functions and network management functions
  • Perform link maintenance for generalized multiprotocol label switching (GMPLS) Layer 0 and     Layer 1
  • Re-route traffic from original to destination network resources
  • Localize network faults through OMS
  • Identify network faults such as optical transport section (OTS) line faults through OMS
  • Manage performance management (PM) data collection and visualization
  • Administer the PM database
  • Describe the main Telemanagement Forum (TMF) 814 northbound interface process
  • Trace the data workflow for TMF
  • Analyze TMF traces and logs
  • Create and manage user profiles on the OMS server
  • Perform backup and restore functions on the OMS server
  • Manage the installation and configuration upgrade procedures on the OMS server
  • Provision the OMS high availability (HA) application
  • Maintain the OMS database

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Understanding the Optical Network Models Available in 1350 OMS
  • Module 2 – Techniques for Constructing Advanced Networks
  • Module 3 –Provisioning High Capacity Uplinks and PSS-4 Terminated Traffic
  • Module 4 – Configuring Advanced Network Protection
  • Module 5 – Advanced Problem Analysis and Resolution
  • Module 6 – Performance Management
  • Module 7 – Working with Northbound Interfaces
  • Module 8 – Advanced OMS Server Administration

Schedule and Locations

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