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Oil, Gas & Mining

Reach natural resources faster, farther, and more safely

Reach natural resources more efficiently in the digital era with Nokia’s all-IP, ultra-broadband network for oil, gas and mining telecommunications.



Optimize your project schedules and operations. You’ll be able to identify, access, and transport coal, oil and gas, and other minerals faster under the demands of engineering challenges and market pressures, and in hazardous and remote environments.



Use oil, gas, and mining telecommunications to manage the risks associated with exploration and transport operations through reliable 24/7 real-time supervision of your mine or digital oil field. And in doing so, you’ll secure productive, cost-effective operations and comfortable living conditions for your employees.


More safely

Protect human health and safety, the environment, and your digital oil field and mining data. And keep them safe in geographically challenging or politically complex locales.


See how our oil, gas, and mining telecommunications solutions can help you reach hydrocarbons and ores faster, farther, and more safely.

IP Edge Routing

Blend the best of virtualization and specialized routing hardware to build a flexible, highly efficient IP edge network.

Microwave Transmission

Maximize radio link performance and support advanced packet networking to meet the needs of packet-based applications and services.


Deliver fast, easy connections to everything, all the time, everywhere with rich, satisfying experiences for today’s ultra-connected society.

Submarine Network Solutions

Connect every part of the planet with undersea fiber-optic cables to met demands for increasingly content-rich services everywhere.

Critical Wide Area Network Infrastructure for Industries

Implement the secure, reliable, and flexible communications infrastructure crucial to mission-critical oil, gas, and mining operations and business services.


Re-imagine mining networks for 2020 and beyond

The mining industry explores and embraces new innovations and technologies.

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Mission-critical communications for oil and gas

Converge robust, reliable services and critical applications onto a single network and create a digital oil field.

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Dynamic communications for oil and gas

We share new opportunities to reduce the cost and risk involved in developing hydrocarbon sources in remote and hazardous environments.

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Customer stories

Chevron’s Wheatsone natural gas processing plant in Australia uses advanced communications technology from Nokia and Bechtel to enhance safety, security and efficiency

Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas enhances operations and worker safety with advanced communications network provided by Nokia

Statoil and Nokia are designing a breakthrough communications solution for oil and gas control and recovery

Tampnet, in Norway, and Nokia are enhancing communications for North Sea oil and gas facilities

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