Nokia Learning Services Written Exam Registration Guide

Written Exam Registration

Pearson VUE offers Nokia written exams for the following Nokia certification programs:

  • Service Routing Certification Program
  • Nuage Networks Virtuoso Certification Program
  • Optical Network Certification Program

When registering for written exams at Pearson VUE each candidate is required to have a Candidate ID.  

What is your Candidate ID?

The candidate ID is your student portal ID that is assigned to you from the Student Portal which provides a current status of all of your certifications with up-to-date views of your completed exams, remaining requirements to achieve higher levels of certification, and recertification details.

Find my Candidate ID

Existing Program Participant - Find my Candidate ID

New Program Participant - Create my Candidate ID

I have my Candidate ID

To proceed to schedule your exam at Pearson VUE you will need to enter your Candidate ID to create your Peason VUE account or sign in to your existing Pearson VUE account.  Select schedule my exam below to get started.

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