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Private WAN for Large Enterprises

Cloud-era connectivity for today's enterprises

Deploy a private WAN that lets you harness the power of the cloud to deliver the data and services your business demands.

Built for large enterprises, our Private WAN solutions give you the performance, resilience, and data protection you need for the cloud era. They also give you the flexibility to choose the type of cloud that works best for you.

With Nokia, you can build your own cloud cost effectively using the same reliable, high-performance equipment that service providers do.

Gain a competitive advantage by embracing the cloud

Every large enterprise wants to increase flexibility and reduce costs. To succeed, you need to consolidate IT infrastructures, simplify processes, and embrace the cloud. At the same time, you have to securely and reliably handle more data than ever before.

Our Private WAN solutions let you use cloud architectures to address these challenges. By integrating IP, Ethernet, and optical technologies, they allow you to:

  • Implement a private WAN backbone that ensures business-critical operations
  • Create a private cloud that supports site interconnection that spans your offices and data centers
  • Provide flexible and secure access to public and hybrid cloud services
  • Deliver the experience your users expect at a cost that fits your business model
  • Simplify your operations with unified IP and optical network management capabilities
  • Use automated, on-demand networking to build a dynamic private WAN

You can also complement your private WAN with our virtualized network services. Through virtualization, you can support hybrid WAN services that securely and effortlessly connect small branch sites to your private cloud.

Performance you can count on

Get cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for your main sites, data centers, and cloud operations. With our solutions, you can insource a private WAN backbone and support managed wavelength and Ethernet services. This will allow you to move away from costly service provider-managed IP VPNs and achieve the performance, scalability, and resiliency that cloud services demand.

Our Private WAN solutions provide networking that helps you improve IT asset utilization, manage soaring data volumes, and ensure business continuity. We design security into our hardware and software to keep your data and infrastructure safe.


Advantage to the power of 3

Our Private WAN solutions for large enterprises deliver:


Deploy high-performance platforms that help you support and scale your critical business applications. Our solutions give you:

  • A wide range of GE/10GE/40GE and 100GE client interfaces
  • Optical capacity that scales to 400 Gbps per wavelength and supports multichannel multiplexing
  • Multiservice routers that support layer 2 Ethernet and layer 3 IP VPNs
  • Best-of-breed hardware-based QoS features that guarantee network performance
  • Simultaneous support of services and filters with no impact on router line rate performance


Get the same high-availability and security features that service providers rely on, including:

  • Carrier-grade hardware reliability
  • Purpose-built router resiliency that counters node and network failures
  • Non-stop routing and services that maximize network stability
  • In-service router software upgrades that minimize node and network downtime
  • Layer 1 optical hardware encryption using AES256 with FIPS 140-2 certification
  • Optical intrusion detection capabilities that monitor fiber links and wavelengths
  • Layer 3 IPsec and MPLS Network Group Encryption
  • Fully disassociated and separate network and security roles


Simplify operations, assure service performance, and reduce costs with solutions that consolidate network management processes across IP, Ethernet, and optical platforms. With our solutions, you get:

  • A single management system for multiple platforms and technology domains
  • End-to-end management and monitoring of networks and services
  • Extensive operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) toolkits that simplify fault detection, resolution, and performance tracking
  • Layer 4–7 application monitoring and reporting
  • Real-time visualization, fault correlation, and troubleshooting of services and the network
  • The ability to identify, classify, and analyze applications and usage trends to improve application performance and optimize QoS

Best-of-breed solutions from a proven innovator

More than 450 large enterprises and 700 service provider networks rely on our IP, Ethernet, and optical solutions. We continue to lead the telecommunications industry with innovations such as:

  • The world’s first 400G network processor and 400G coherent optics engine
  • A service-oriented and fault-tolerant operating system
  • Application intelligence

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