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Large Enterprises

Seize the cloud opportunity

Turn your private cloud, network, and communications infrastructure into a strategic asset with large enterprise IT solutions from Nokia.

Our IT solutions enable you to:

  • Meet diverse, fast-changing user needs in a “bring your own” environment
  • Handle massive traffic volumes
  • Keep your data private and secure

With our help, you can say goodbye to vendor lock-in, shadow IT, high costs, and unmanageable complexity — and hello to the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN), IP communications, datacenter interconnect (DCI), and private WAN.

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Free your network business with a private cloud

Large enterprises in verticals such as finance, healthcare, and automotive want to reap the benefits of a private cloud. We make this possible with technologies that are field-proven to meet the reliability, performance, and capacity requirements of the world’s most demanding networks.

Our solutions give you:

  • AGILITY: Launch new applications quickly and easily, eliminate shadow IT, and leverage the dynamic nature of the cloud.
  • PERFORMANCE: Become an information-driven enterprise that handles massive amounts of data and transactions with scalability and resilience.
  • FREEDOM: Break vendor lock, integrate silos, and adapt to evolving business demands with open platforms that let you choose best-of-breed solutions.
  • SECURITY: Ensure infrastructure security and compliance with automation, policy enforcement, encryption, and consistent application of user privileges and security settings.

Solutions for large enterprise IT

Our solutions deliver the reliability, performance, and scalability that your large network demands. We offer an open approach that lets you deploy the technologies that suit you best, regardless of your chosen vendors and hardware.

And our solutions are the only ones backed by innovations from Bell Labs. These innovations form the basis of today’s communications and IT technologies.

OpenStack private Cloud

OpenStack is increasingly being leveraged in private clouds by large enterprises. The uses include not only internal DevOps but also customer-facing clouds. With our OpenStack private cloud architecture, our customers can:

  • Minimize time to market and ability to address high-value customer segments worldwide
  • Unify even far-flung datacenters into a cohesive, flexible private cloud
  • Ensure very high security, both overall and at the most granular level

Discover Nokia's OpenStack private cloud capabilities and solutions

SDN for private cloud

Build DevOps clouds that speed innovation and implementation. With our Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform you can:

  • Automate and optimize your IT assets to streamline configuration and improve performance
  • Virtualize any datacenter infrastructure regardless of your hardware, hypervisor, or public cloud choices
  • Use policy-based networking to achieve high, verifiable levels of control and compliance across the entire software stack

Discover SDN for private clouds from Nuage Networks


Connect remote sites quickly, securely, and easily with full visibility for management and control across all branch locations.

Our Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services solution gives you cost-effective and flexible remote site connectivity for data- and bandwidth-intensive applications like video. It also gives you the flexibility to consume network services across multiple providers and last-mile technologies.

Discover SD-WAN from Nuage Networks

Large enterprise IP communications

Update your communications infrastructure so you can realize the benefits of communications and collaboration. Rapport™ for Large Enterprise is a private cloud-based IP communications solution that lets you:

  • Use open APIs and robust software development kits to extend communications to any connected device, application, or website
  • Take control of your infrastructure and focus on business objectives
  • Break free of costly infrastructures that are run in silos or tied to a specific vendor

Discover our communications and collaboration platform

Datacenter interconnect

Deploy DCI solutions that deliver business continuity and disaster recovery while taking full advantage of the new cloud ecosystem.

Our DCI solutions help you use a public, private, or hybrid cloud to increase control, agility, or cost efficiency. Datacenter consolidation, SDN, and cloud demand a fresh approach to DCI. Our certified and proven solutions deliver secure, flexible, high-performance DCI for the cloud era.

Discover our datacenter interconnect solutions

Private WAN

Enable high-speed connectivity between your datacenters and other sites. Our private WAN backbone solutions let you:

  • Provide advanced quality of service and traffic engineering for business-critical applications
  • Strengthen data and network security with traffic encryption, network policy enforcement, administration management, and router protection
  • Leverage integrated IP/optical management and programmable SDN solutions for fast, easy support of new application requirements

Discover our private WAN solutions

DDI Network Services

Optimize each network service request for a web resource or an IP address and manage your pool of IP addresses. Our VitalQIP domain name system (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM) – DDI – platform provides network services for private clouds and datacenters run by the largest enterprises and governments worldwide. VitalQIP delivers network services that not only optimize customer experience with a web application or service but also reduce cost through automation and efficient resource utilization.

Discover our DDI network services

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