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Alcatel-Lucent's Up and Running

February 28th, 2014
By Margret Van Den Bosch, COO - Services Delivery Practice

Did you know that Alcatel-Lucent will participate in this year’s Roparun?

What is Roparun?
The Roparun is a relay race of approximately 520 kilometres from Paris and 560 kilometres from Hamburg to Rotterdam, in which people work as a team to give a combined sports performance in order to raise money for people who suffer from cancer. You could also call it an adventure for life. This is also clear from the motto, which has been the same for many years: "Add life to the days, where often days can no longer be added to the life".

A Roparun team consists of a maximum of eight runners, who each run an average of about 65 kilometres, which is well over the distance of a marathon. A team must also have a minimum of two cyclists and a number of people forming a support team. This includes drivers, medics, caterers and road captains. The teams themselves are responsible for filling these roles, and, on average, a team consists of 25 people. Besides the physical challenge, the team must also make an effort to raise money for the cause. Teams do this by organising various activities. These include bag packing at supermarkets, washing cars, holding collections and looking for sponsors. The team members must also sell Roparun raffle tickets, the proceeds of which go to the charity.

The three teams who raise the most money and the six teams who win prizes for their running speed are honored during the final celebration of the Roparun, which takes place a few weeks after the finish. On that evening, the total amount of money raised by the Roparun will also be announced. Over the past twenty-two editions of the Roparun, more than 57 million Euros have been raised to care for people suffering from cancer.

Overall 350 teams will participate and Alcatel-Lucent The Netherlands is registered under team 171. The team consists of 24 participants, including 8 runners, 4 cyclists, 4 drivers, 6 caregivers and 2 physical therapist/ masseurs. The Alcatel-Lucent team will be divided into two running teams and a support team that takes care of the catering and rest points. In order to raise money we plan to schedule a couple of activities: a sports quiz, a ski lesson auction, selling muffins, etc.

One of the first initiatives Team Roparun organized was typically Dutch, "Selling Tulips". With the slogan “Bring spring into your home, and surprise your spouse” the team decided to start selling vouchers to the Alcatel-Lucent Nederland employees. On Thursday Feb. 13th, the day before Valentine’s day, the main entrance of the Alcatel-Lucent NL office was one big flower market. During the day employees could exchanges their vouchers at the reception desk in Hoofddorp for fresh bunches of red Tulips. The action was a great success. Overall we sold 350 bunches of tulips and raised €700.

When people are confronted with cancer, a lot of certainties are lost. Certain things are (temporarily) no longer possible. By supporting projects, the Roparun Foundation tries to improve their quality of life as much as possible. In the past twenty years, the Roparun Foundation has had the opportunity to support many great causes. Examples of this include contributing to new beds for hospitals, buying scalp coolers and items for the interior and design of palliative rooms.

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The Alcatel-Lucent NL Roparun team raised over 4,000 Euro. This is the net revenue to date, without the costs that we have, for example, registration, etc. With this we stand as a team around the top quarter of all participating teams. We have set ourselves a target to donate 7,500 Euro to the cause. So with still three months ahead we are on the right track. If you want to see more, please check out:

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