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Nokia Crowd Analytics

Analyzing the movement of
people through time

Nokia Crowd Analytics provides insights on where people come from, how long they stay and where they are going next. Combined with information on other socioeconomic behavior, this dynamic, real-world data brings great value to real estate, retail, transportation, finance, marketing, and travel and tourism organizations.

Nokia helps you to understand the movement patterns of people through time so intelligent business decisions can be done easily. With Nokia Crowd Analytics you can:

  • React faster to the dynamic market
  • Optimize sales, marketing and customer services
  • Choose the best locations for your existing and new business

Nokia Crowd Analytics combines our comprehensive experience of telecom data with our deep expertise in data science and advanced analytics. Our data analytics services improve your understanding on the movement patterns of people.

Our self-service and customized reports utilize public and crowdsourced information beside the data which is sourced from operator partners around the world. We provide comprehensive and unbiased coverage of populations while stringently securing personal privacy.

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