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Training & Learning

From competency planning to advanced training services, Nokia provide you and your organization with the relevant skills and competences to deploy and maintain reliable networks.

The people who manage your network are a crucial element of its performance. By optimizing your personnel development alongside your technology, you get better-performing skilled resources to manage your network and create a positive subscriber experience, decreasing churn and leading to added revenue.

Our Training and Learning service offerings ensure you have the staff with the required:

  • competence to secure peak performance of evolving networks
  • skills to ensure proactive network maintenance and fast troubleshooting
  • expertise to ensure superior network quality and availability at all times

and also help you to:

  • better understand your training needs
  • make the most of your network investment and lower your operating costs
  • get a clear view of the return on investment from your training activities

What can Nokia Training and Learning offer?

Our training and learning services portfolio consists of:

Essential Skills Transfer covers the knowledge and skills required for the entire process of deploying new technology. From network planning to rollout services and operations support, our extensive training portfolio offers everything to get your workforce skilled on Nokia Solutions and Networks products and solutions.
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Advanced Skills Transfer offers training solutions to support care services and management solutions, enabling you to maximize the benefits of the investments on new technology.
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Learning Support Services provides a variety of methods and tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the skills transfer. These services play a major role to support managing competences across departments, also help to optimize the training budget.
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Why Nokia Training and Learning Services?

We have over 100 highly skilled technical trainers and a global presence with over 20 Training locations worldwide. Nokia Training and Learning Services can deliver over 1,000 course titles using a combination of delivery methods, including e-learning, virtual classroom, instructor led classroom, etc.