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Internet of Things

Rapidly developing Internet of Things (IoT) technology is opening up multiple new business opportunities for operators and enterprises, spanning many industries - public safety, healthcare, connected mobility, smart parking, connected home, water leakage management, smart cities and more.

Nokia’s comprehensive portfolio, comprising network components, services, analytics and partner solutions, helps operators and enterprises make their networks and businesses ready for IoT success. Our complete solution for operators simplifies the management of millions of IoT device connections and the development of customized IoT applications to tap into new revenue streams.

Nokia combines radio and core networks, including Mobile Edge Computing, with Connectivity Management, Device Management and Application Enablement components, while addressing end-to-end security. We are also building a complete ecosystem and collaboration community around IoT.

Nokia IoT portfolio:

  • Radio for IoT optimizes LTE and TD-LTE cell capacity and smartphone user experience to unleash the IoT potential of today's 4G networks.
  • Core for IoT drives down total cost of ownership (TCO) for IoT solutions and allows for a business mix of high ARPC (Average Revenue Per Connection) and low ARPC IoT traffic. 
  • Connectivity Management helps operators manage the high numbers of connections from sensors and devices, especially when they use SIM connections, and offers flexible deployment and selectable modules like billing, mediation and CRM.
  • Application Enablement helps operators create customized IoT applications and services quickly and cost-effectively. The platform makes it easier to handle the complexity of these applications including managing devices, networks and systems.
  • Nokia supports all three 3GPP IoT radio technologies to meet the varying connection requirements of different applications through low cost connectivity, improved indoor and rural coverage and extended IoT device battery life beyond 10 years for remote sensors and meters.
  • Services for IoT provide the expertise to design, integrate and customize connectivity management platforms and application layers to meet the needs of different verticals.
  • Nokia’s IoT Community engages organizations from multiple industries in collaborating on and validating new business models for IoT use cases to accelerate the delivery of IoT solutions and business value.

With the Nokia IoT solution, operators can now prepare their current networks for the business opportunities of the IoT era and related machine-to-machine (M2M) traffic.

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