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IoT for Smart cities

Improve quality of life, foster economic growth, and deliver on eco-sustainability initiatives with IoT for smart cities.

Nokia brings the Internet of Things (IoT) to life for smart cities, creating the seamless fabric that stimulates economic growth and enables a more livable and better connected society.
Our solutions combine the IoT, cloud and security technologies with shared connectivity and data. We enable cities to leverage their network together with the IoT to offer innovative new smart city applications for their citizens, advance eco-sustainability initiatives, and create new opportunities for business development. 

Addressing the challenges of smart cities

Smart city projects require expertise that spans many different fields including finance, planning , transport, energy  safety  telecommunications and more. They also require public–private partnerships (PPPs) that embrace all of these different dimensions.  The IoT smart city concept is a holistic and layered framework that addresses the needs of mulitple aspects of smart city projects and allows cities to use urban data to boost economic competitiveness, and build more effective, workable solutions to many city challenges. Working with an ecosystem of partners, we offer products, tools and services for public service providers, city network operators, application providers, and enterprises. We use our technologies and expertise to create an effective common network infrastructure, a secure IoT architecture, and layers of control and management that serve the needs of CIOs, city agencies and city councils.
Our market trials and use cases span smart metering, parking, energy, public spaces (like bus shelters), smart city private networks, crowd monitoring, and more… Our solutions help you bring the IoT to life for your city.

The building blocks of the smart city

  • The Smart City infrastructure includes a wide range of Mobile network technologies that support standard cellular protocols, Wi-Fi ® (coverage for indoor and outdoor locations), LoRa, MuLTEfire, and mission-critical LTE for public safety and first responders.
  • Our mission-critical Wide Area Network (WAN) which leverages our IP/MPLS, optics, and microwave products and unified, service-aware network manager.
  • Cloud networking solutions help cities reap the benefits of an open cloud architecture composed of Nokia Nuage Networks SDN and Data Center Interconnect solution which supports low latency and highly secure connections between data centers.
  • The IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) IoT Plaform, provides the necessary layers for connectivity management, application enablement and device management which is secure across all endpoints and enables you to use data and analytics to create value for your city.
  • The IoT Community ecosystem of the ng Connect Program brings innovative companies together to collaborate on solution concepts, end-to-end prototypes, business models, and market trials.
  • The NetGuard security portfolio uses security analytics and threat intelligence to protect the smart city and prevent infections.
  • Nokia enterprise IP communications and collaboration solution provides an open, agile, and incremental framework that lets city administrators take control of their communications services.