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Services for HetNets

Services for Heterogeneous Networks: Simplifying the complex

Integrating macro and small cells and all technologies (GSM/WCDMA/LTE/Wi-Fi), Heterogeneous Networks are an effective answer to the challenge of booming mobile data.

HetNets are most useful in cities, yet building them can be complex - radio spectrum often needs to be shared among different layers and it takes deep experience to get it right.

In four phases, Nokia Services for HetNets helps you get top performance.

Consult: Only add capacity where you need it most and get advice on how to cut Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Plan: Gives you the most efficient upgrades for macro, small cells and backhaul and gets maximum performance from small cells in the right places

Deploy: Minimize risks and get new sites up and running as quickly as possible

Manage: Boost customer experience by ensuring the best performance and inter-working between HetNet layers

Want to connect urban businesses
and boost your data revenue?

Get the Nokia ’20 percent difference’

  • Avoid over-dimensioning and save 20 percent on TCO
  • With small cells close to demand, 20 percent more users access the highest data speeds
  • A more efficient network by cutting unnecessary handovers by up to 20 percent
  • Increase revenue by eliminating congestion

Small cells boost network capacity by 67.5% on Australia’s most famous beach

Read our success story to find out more
(pdf, 4.03 MB)

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Nokia Services for HetNets helps operators to get top performance from their HetNets, achieve the right size network and provide a faster network to more customers.