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Nokia Consolidation Services

Nokia Consolidation Services to decrease costs, improve control, increase quality assurance and improve customer experience

Centralizing NOC’s (Network Operations Center) is seen by many operators today as a key way to address customer needs and market demands, as well as to simplify and automate their tools and processes.

Based on two decades work in transitioning and centralizing operations, we can provide you with expert support in the following areas:

Operations Assessment: Service benchmarks your operations against your peers and advises how to improve operational efficiency and quality. Using 19 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking data from over 150 operators, we assess operational efficiency, network quality and operations maturity.

NOC Consolidation: This Service helps you create a centralized NOC for both fixed and mobile technologies. Nokia runs all operations, designs and sets up the NOC, transitions resources, establishes tools, processes and benchmarks and, once operations are stabilized, trains your teams before handing back the NOC and all tools and processes.

Managed Transport: manages the operations and maintenance of your multivendor, multi-technology transport infrastructure, including planning and optimization, centralized network operations, field operations and infrastructure management.

  • Streamlined processes and operations deliver lower costs, improved control, higher quality assurance and better customer experience
  • Lower risk in setting up a central NOC, transitioning resources and initiating transformation
  • More than 30 percent OPEX reduction proven in targeted areas.
  • 23 percent improvement of first level resolution
  • More than 5 percent Network Quality Index improvement
  • A centralized NOC enables better decision making and faster rollout of services
  • Centralized management of fixed and mobile allows speedy and smooth migration to next generation technology 

A recent survey found that 75 percent of operators have implemented or are considering centralization. Nokia’s extensive experience in consolidating operations has achieved 30 percent OPEX reduction, improved first level resolution by 23 percent and enhanced network quality by 5 percent.

Nokia Consolidation Services is a result of Nokia’s two decades of experience in transitioning and managing operations from its Global NOCs. It has set up three Global NOCs and a host of regional NOCs and is currently managing over 550 million managed subscribers from more than 100 managed contracts. Nokia now has a large a pool of consultants with several years of experience and exposure to hundreds of cases. It also has a strong foundation in transformation, with many tools, processes and benchmarks, several developed in-house. Today, over 52 percent of operators are implementing and benefiting from centralization. 23 percent are actively reviewing this option. Operators can also take advantage of better management, high efficiency and considerable OPEX savings by choosing to work with Nokia on transformation. With its proven capability and expertise, Nokia is an ideal partner to ensure success and lead the way to the promised benefits of consolidation.