3D Geolocation planning and optimization


3D Geolocation planning and optimization

Understand and improve network performance inside buildings with 3D Geolocation planning and optimization

More than 80 percent of mobile traffic is generated indoors, with traffic volumes rising fast. Small cells deliver extra capacity, but finding the right locations can be difficult.

Nokia Network Planning and Optimization services use 3D geolocation to understand network performance and customer experience inside buildings and locate hotspots.

The advanced Nokia 3-D GeoLocator Tool can replace much traditional drive and walk testing to reduce costs and deployment time by up to 80 percent.

"Innovations around 3D wireless network planning have helped keep the vendor’s network planning and optimization services on the cutting edge of operator requirements."

Current Analysis, September 2014

  • Accurately locate hotspots inside buildings for best small cell placement.
  • Maximize traffic offload from the macro network and minimize interference to provide faster data services.
  • Up to 80 percent reduction in time consuming, costly drive and walk tests and site visits.
  • Early identification of network performance issues, allowing proactive action to protect and improve the customer experience.


Nokia 3D geolocation uses predictive ‘finger printing’ algorithms to accurately locate events on a 3D map, as well as separate measurements sent from inside buildings or in the street. Field-proven accuracy for locating traffic hotspots ensures traffic patterns are consistent, generated by multiple users, and that the corresponding macro cell is heavily loaded and near to full capacity.