5G System of Systems

5G is going far beyond radio. To achieve built-in flexibility current networks will transform from comprising vertically integrated discrete network elements, to being cognitive, cloud optimized and seamless in operation.

Networks will become cognitive to be able to optimize themselves autonomously. Cognitive networks using big data analytics and artificial intelligence will solve optimization tasks too complex for humans.

The cloud paradigm will be implemented in all parts of the network to use existing resources in the best way. In a nutshell, 5G networks will be programmable, software driven and managed holistically. Essentially, communication systems beyond 2020 will need to be flexible enough to accommodate a huge range of use cases without increasing management complexity.f


5GPPP@EuCNC2015 Simone Redana 5GNORMA

Key design targets of the 5G architecture

What are the drivers for 5G. Interview with Prof. Dr. Hans D. Schotten, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


Executive Summary