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Start building commercial 5G networks today

Nokia 5G FIRST allows operators to address the near-infinite capacity demands of new applications anywhere - seamlessly and securely. This industry-first 5G solution provides innovations that will power the global nervous system.

With 5G FIRST, operators can gain a first-to-market advantage by launching 5G use cases before the standards have been finalized. 5G FIRST builds on our commercial 5G Nokia AirScale and AirFrame platforms to provide a versatile solution that spans the network.

The 5G FIRST solution includes:

We are also building a 5G community as part of the ng Connect Program. Our aim is to bring innovative companies together to collaborate and realize a new generation of business.

Nokia 5G FIRST Making 5G a commercial reality

Brooklyn 5G Summit 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017 - Key note: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Rajeev Suri

4th Indutrial Revolution MWC 2017

5G will power the 4th industrial revolution

Intel and Nokia discuss 5G collaboration


5G Possibilities

5G will support new massive broadband applications by combining network speeds above 10 Gbps with extremely low latency. It will stimulate growth in many sectors, including the IT, automotive, entertainment, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Discover 5G possibilities

Nokia talks 5G with CNBC

CNBC discussed 5G with our Lauri Oksanen and toured our Solution Experience Center. Watch the video here.


Whitepapers and articles

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Versatile 5G Radio

We are launching new 5G radio systems that use advanced antennas and operate in bands up to 100 GHz to deliver extreme throughput and virtual zero latency. Operators will need more spectrum below 6 GHz and innovative techniques that make more efficient use of existing spectrum. There is also a growing need to unlock new spectrum bands in the 6-100 GHz range. Discover Versatile 5G Radio


Nokia Path to 5G


World-first 5G cmWave technology delivers 19.1 Gbps throughput

A Nokia cmWave proof of concept has set a new milestone that will accelerate 5G standardization. In a joint 5G trial, SKT and Nokia achieved a 19.1 Gbps transmission speed over the air. This trial proves the potential of 5G to rapidly transmit massive amounts of data. At this speed, a user can download a full HD movie in a matter of seconds. Watch the video


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5G System of Systems

5G will achieve extreme flexibility by creating cognitive, cloud-optimized networks that operate seamlessly and optimize themselves autonomously. Discover 5G System of Systems

Key Design targets of 5G

The 5G architecture must be broad and flexible enough to support disruptive technologies, new approaches, and new use cases for various industries. These capabilities will help operators work with partners outside the telecom industry. Watch the video here


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5G Transition

By 2030, wireless networks will need to handle up to 10,000 times more data traffic than they did in 2010. Operators need networks that can grow in line with traffic demand while using existing investments. We have conducted extensive studies in Chicago, Madrid, New York, and Tokyo to identify the most efficient deployment strategies. Get insights on 5G transition


Nokia Services for 5G
Watch the video here

Whitepapers & Articles

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5G Potential

Operators need to look beyond 4G to address growing mobile data traffic and evolving user demands. The mobile communications community has already made significant progress in developing 5G systems that will reshape the way people communicate. Discover the potential of 5G

White Papers

5G network energy efficiency

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