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Healthcare IT

Transforming healthcare IT

Nokia breaks down healthcare IT silos so your organization can fully leverage digital technologies to control costs, increase access to services, and improve quality of care.

It starts with the network. One that supports telemedicine and anywhere, anytime, any device mobile health (mHealth) applications. One that enables high-speed exchanges of big data for analytics. One that realizes the vision of a healthcare cloud and meets stringent regulatory, security, and privacy requirements.

Our cloud, network, and communications infrastructure enhances your ability to provide the best possible care to more patients, more of the time.

Agile healthcare IT solutions

Our state-of-the-art technologies transform your IT so you can become a digital, knowledge-based healthcare organization with the ability to:

  • Ensure the security and privacy of patient data — and use that data to enhance care
  • Meet your requirements for network reliability, performance, and scalability
  • Improve clinician workflow to enhance care anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Connect siloed systems and simplify network complexity for more efficient delivery of care
  • Make best-of-breed technology decisions regardless of vendor and overcome interoperability challenges
  • Move to cloud-based infrastructure to better leverage big data for population health analytics and new applications
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Healthcare needs the cloud for its digital transformation

Healthcare IT solutions for better patient care

Nokia provides the open, scalable infrastructure to transform healthcare networks and communications. And that means:

  • Real-time applications – such as mHealth and telemedicine – that let you reach more people in more places
  • Better patient outcomes, while enabling the cost-saving shift from inpatient to outpatient care
  • Security and speed, which protects sensitive critical data in transport and support innovations such as the healthcare cloud
  • Fast, continuous access to data essential for new approaches such as proactive population health

Control costs with infrastructure transformation

Evolve to a simple, trusted, adaptable infrastructure that makes managing network complexity easier and more cost effective. Our flexible, open platforms help you break vendor lock-in and adapt to evolving business demands.

  • Choose the technologies you need: Deploy best-of-breed technologies regardless of vendor —without replacing hardware — and simplify network operations through automation and centralized policy. With the Nuage Networks™ Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) from Nokia, your network administrators can set up templates that let application designers quickly request network resources.
  • Cap the telecom silo: Our open enterprise communications and collaboration solution, Rapport™ for Enterprise, integrates all modes of communication in a single framework. It caps existing silos by breaking vendor lock-in so you can cost-effectively take advantage of mHealth, telemedicine, and other collaborative applications.
  • Manage network growth: With our Private WAN solutions, you can insource a private WAN backbone and support managed wavelength and Ethernet services. This will allow you to move away from costly service provider-managed IP VPNs and achieve the performance, scalability, and resiliency that cloud services demand.
  • Achieve security and compliance: Our policy-based Nuage Networks VSP enforces virtual machine, Linux container, and application security at the network’s first connection point — and simplifies auditing and compliance. And it works with leading firewall and network security appliances for unequalled data center security. The built-in security features of our optical and IP products include low-latency AES 256 bit hardware encryption, scalable key management, and continuous optical intrusion detection.
  • Optimize each network service request: VitalQIP provides domain name system (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM) network services network services that not only optimize customer experience with a web application or service but also reduce cost through automation and efficient resource utilization.

Enhance access to care with mobile health and telemedicine

Our single communications framework helps integrate a common set of functions into telemedicine and mHealth applications. We also can make connecting a remote clinic as simple as ordering a new mobile phone.

  • Anytime, anywhere physician and patient access, on any device: Embed flexible, open communications capabilities into any service, application, connected device, or website with Rapport for Enterprise. You’ll be able to roll out new web-based and mobile services rapidly and ensure secure access to healthcare data.
  • Secure and seamless connectivity: Our Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) connects clinics and doctor’s offices with full visibility for management and control. It works with the Nuage Networks VSP to ensure reliable and secure access to your data centers without requiring a separate management system or expensive proprietary hardware. You can mix and match available networks from multiple providers and use any available access technologies.

Improve quality of care through the cloud

Ensure that your users can retrieve big data quickly — anywhere, anytime — to develop new apps for analytics or to offer new services. Big data includes everything from electronic health records (EHRs) and digital imaging to large-scale analytics for tasks like genome mapping. It has to be stored securely and kept accessible for long periods.

  • Simplified and streamlined application design: Our Nuage Networks data center automation capabilities simplify configuration and ensure efficient use of IT resources. Network administrators set up application-specific templates that empower application designers to request and spin up the network resources they need when they need them — safely and surely.
  • Public, private, and hybrid clouds: The Nuage Networks VSP securely unifies multiple clouds — such as a private healthcare and public big data research clouds — into a unified hybrid healthcare cloud. Whatever your healthcare organization needs, we ensure your access to the tools, data, and computing power to tackle it.
  • Assured business continuity and flawless data protection: Our highly automated Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions protect your corporate and patient data, securely mirroring or replicating business-critical data across multiple sites in real time. Turn up services faster, improve asset utilization, and control costs. Scalable real-time low-latency encryption ensures security and regulatory compliance.

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