Partner Program

Maximize your business potential and deliver superior value to your customers

Partner with Nokia to build a profitable portfolio of IP networking and ultra-broadband solutions.

Our Partner Program gives you all the support you need to sell, deploy and maintain a portfolio of all-IP networking solutions.

Designed for system integrators, value-added resellers and distributors, this program combines our leading IP networking, cloud and ultra-broadband solutions with tools, resources and training.

And the program is flexible.

You choose the Nokia products and solutions that will help you reach your business goals. We provide training to help you specialize your skills and achieve certification and accreditation. We also give you marketing and commercial support to make sure you reach your target market.

Differentiate your offer. Increase profitability. Expand into new markets.

Together, we can deliver profitable solutions that bring superior value to fast-growing markets.

Building our future together

Nokia Partners are a key part of our sales force — and our primary route to market for non-carrier business. Partner with us to spur new growth in your business and improve your relationship with existing customers.

If we work together, we will grow and prosper together.


  • Meet your business goals with a flexible, scalable partnership framework
  • Address fast-growing markets across multiple technologies with our comprehensive solutions portfolio
  • Differentiate your offer and maximize the return on your investment with innovations from Bell Labs and Nokia global R&D centers
  • Become an expert with the tools and training you need to sell, deploy and support Nokia solutions


Maximize your business potential and deliver superior value to your customers.

As a registered Nokia Partner, you get exclusive access to our vast portfolio of products, solutions and services. You also get a flexible and open framework that covers solutions for applications and networks. And our solutions are backed by the innovative power of our Bell Labs researchers and global R&D centers.

The Partner Program rewards you for adding qualifications and skills. Your benefits and capabilities grow as you invest more in the program and commit to greater levels of staff specialization, certification and accreditation. Your commitment will help you improve your offers, achieve industry recognition and build a strong foundation for customer satisfaction.


Stand out from the competition and address fast-growing markets in multiple technology domains by collaborating with us. We are a global leader in IP networking and ultra-broadband, offering world-class products and solutions.

Our solutions portfolio spans all facets of networking, from IP routing and packet-optical switching to cloud architectures and fixed/mobile broadband access. And we complement these solutions with an extensive range of managed and professional services.


Increase your profitability and expand your business into new markets. Our committed support comes with access to training and certification programs. By partnering with us, you can pursue high-margin sales opportunities and secure greater industry recognition.

Our marketing and direct-touch commercial teams will help you promote complete, integrated Nokia solutions tailored to your customers' unique needs.

Partner with us, and we'll ensure that you deliver more value to customers — and get more value in return.


Our aim is to build lasting partnerships with selected system integrators, value-added resellers and distributors. We're seeking to foster value creation and long-term collaboration. We want to promote mutually beneficial partnerships, operational excellence, and stronger customer relationships.

The Partner Program addresses these goals by offering you unique benefits and capabilities:

  • Account managers, resources and tools: We provide comprehensive support for your business — from demand creation and market enablement to project implementation and maintenance.
  • Insights into the latest Nokia developments: Stay a step ahead with access to our renowned technology and business leaders, product experts and industry segment specialists.
  • Certification: Our personalized knowledge and skills training lets you market your certified Nokia expertise as a competitive differentiator.
  • Accreditation and incentives: Gain access to key products and services, special pricing, and tiered discounts based on your partner accreditation and investment levels.
  • Market development funds, deal registration protections and rebates: We help you develop your customer base and reward you for meeting performance and sales growth objectives.


  • Build a strong foundation for customer satisfaction by capitalizing on our solutions, services, and expertise
  • Create standout solutions for fast-growing markets by collaborating with members of our partner ecosystem
  • Increase your profits by earning financial rewards for developing product, solution and technology expertise
  • Differentiate your offers with a flexible partnership framework that helps you develop specialized product and solution skills
  • Spur new growth by extending your Nokia portfolio to address your best business opportunities