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Achieve your full potential: Become a dynamic lean NFV operator

Get full value from network functions virtualization (NFV) with cloud solutions from Alcatel-Lucent.

Our cloud solutions remove risk and complexity from NFV transformation. They give you a competitive edge in the dynamic cloud market. With our open, multivendor technologies, you can:

  • Generate new revenue with dynamic, network-based services
  • Add efficiency and reduce costs by adopting lean NFV operations
  • Boost brand loyalty by improving the customer experience

We bring technologies together with leading expertise developed through years of work with customers, open source projects, and NFV industry groups. With our help, you can use NFV, software-defined networking (SDN), and dynamic operations to unleash the power of your network.

Seize new opportunities with NFV

NFV can help you create new ways of working, accelerate service launches, and reduce OPEX. It can also help you generate new revenue with retail and wholesale cloud services. To seize opportunities with NFV, you need:

  • An agile network that lets you launch, scale, and tear down services at web speed
  • Open APIs that make it easy to embed telecom functions into apps and websites
  • Automation and scalability to support cost-saving virtualized network functions (VNFs)
  • Open orchestration that removes barriers between networks and support systems
  • SDN capabilities that automate service chains and abstract network configuration

Move forward with NFV

Our portfolio gives you the capabilities you need to succeed with NFV. We offer a complete open NFV blueprint architecture that includes:

  • An NFV platform built to address the demands of service providers
  • Scalable, feature-rich VNFs
  • Seamless service orchestration
  • SDN technology that supports network automation and abstraction
  • Professional design, validation, and integration services

All of our cloud solutions draw on our deep understanding of telecom requirements and proven expertise with IT, Internet, and networking technologies. We update them continually to ensure that you always benefit from the NFV ecosystem’s best new insights and innovations.

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Proof of concept: Lean NFV ops

Our José de Francisco uses our lean NFV operations demo to deploy a fully virtualized VoLTE solution and execute a wide range of lifecycle use cases.

Watch the video

Webinar: Foster lean operations for service agility

Learn how to enable the agile introduction and delivery of new services so you can meet the growing demand to manage your customers’ experiences in real time.

Sign up for the March 30 webinar

Leading the way to a virtualized world

Bhaskar Gorti, leader of our IP Platforms business group, explains that SDN and NFV form the foundation for tomorrow’s new business models.

Watch the interview

Bridging the gap between legacy and the cloud

Can NFV technology provide the same reliability, availability and manageability as traditional network solutions?

Download our white papers

Build a more successful future with NFV

Virtualization is the future of telecommunications. Bring the future closer with our NFV-ready applications, NFV blueprint architecture, and NFV partner ecosystem.

Prepare for the journey ahead

No service provider, vendor, or application developer can make the NFV journey alone. That’s why we’re working to foster collaboration that will accelerate the industry’s transition to NFV.

Our programs and services connect you with NFV partners that will help you move your business forward.

  • Cloud Transformation Services: Accelerate and de-risk NFV transformation with expert support that covers design, integration, deployment, and maintenance.
  • CloudBand™ Ecosystem Program: Be part of the first open community dedicated to the advancement of NFV. We offer a workspace that members can use to onboard and test applications, share knowledge, and develop new ideas. By working together, everyone will get to NFV faster.
  • Cloud Innovation Center: Test, validate, and onboard your VNFs in a state-of-the-art facility. The Cloud Innovation Center is home to our NFV lab. It provides access to technology and expertise that will help you accelerate cloud transformation.
  • Bell Labs Consulting: Get expert insights that can clear your path to NFV and the network of 2020. We understand technology and the vital role it plays in your business. Our consultants will help you make smart choices that create maximum business value.

Deploy Functions built for NFV

Succeed with VNFs that are built for the cloud and that preserve the carrier-grade features, scale, and reliability of today’s networks.

We support the industry’s broadest range of VNFs, including our own in-house functions and offerings from our partners and the NFV community. Our VNFs run proven, cloud-ready software that can be installed on COTS servers. They help you deploy, scale, integrate, and upgrade network functions faster than ever before.

  • Rapport™: Shift the focus to growth with innovative communications and collaboration services built around VoLTE and VoWi-Fi®. Architected for NFV, Rapport simplifies lifecycle management and enables cost efficiency for small and large networks.
  • Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC): Get the agility you need to respond to fast-changing service demand. Our vEPC supports automated operations and flexible deployment options. It helps you stand out in the increasingly dynamic and competitive mobile services marketplace.
  • Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN): Boost 4G performance, optimize capacity, and speed time to market by virtualizing RAN functions. Our vRAN solution helps you keep pace with subscriber demands and get ready for 5G.
  • Virtualized Service Router (VSR): Deliver dynamic and efficient network services by virtualizing your edge routing functions. Our VSR lets you design networks with greater flexibility and introduce new services with ease.
  • Virtualized Content Delivery Network (vCDN): Simplify online video delivery and improve quality of experience by virtualizing and automating CDN functions.

Integrate NFV with your business

The operationalization of NFV and SDN will impact many of your end-to-end business processes. We help you integrate carefully so you can get full value from NFV.

Our blueprint architecture simplifies NFV evolution and integration. This architecture enables you to achieve lean operations by automating service activation, orchestration, recovery, fulfillment, and assurance. It provides management and control capabilities that help ensure that your physical and virtualized assets interoperate efficiently.

  • CloudBand™: Move NFV into production on any scale with an NFV management and orchestration (MANO) platform purpose-built for service providers. CloudBand will help you use NFV to simplify operations, increase efficiency, and unlock new cloud revenue.
  • Nuage Networks™ Virtualized Services Platform (VSP): Virtualize and automate network services across your data center and branch offices. The VSP is a robust and programmable SDN solution that makes your network as responsive as your business needs it to be.
  • Network Services Platform: Remove complexity from network service delivery with the first carrier SDN platform. The Network Service Platform bridges the IT/OSS and network worlds to help you deliver services faster, more cost effectively, and at the scale you need.
  • Motive Dynamic Operations: Get business orchestration and resource abstraction capabilities that help you launch services quickly, keep pace with innovation, and realize the full potential of NFV and SDN. Motive Dynamic Operations puts you on the path to the virtualized, cloud-orchestrated network of tomorrow.

Achieve NFV 3.0 through lean operations

Our NFV architecture incorporates lean principles from other industries. It provides a blueprint for extending NFV to every part of your business. Full NFV business integration – which we call NFV 3.0 – will help you boost efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver more value.

Ready to test-drive a full NFV 3.0 deployment? We’ve used our cloud technologies to build a live and interactive demonstration of lean NFV operations. Our demo shows how you can use automation, virtualization, and integration to build and operate fully assured dynamic services.

Discover our lean NFV ops demo

Analyst insights

“Current Analysis is ‘positive’ on Alcatel-Lucent’s current MANO market positioning. Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand is one of the earliest and more mature MANO offerings. It’s recently been complemented with Motive Dynamic Operations, a new OSS for SDN/NFV.”
David Snow, Current Analysis

“There’s enough substance here for Alcatel-Lucent to drive an effective NFV engagement and to take rational NFV services to field trial and deployment. Not many vendors can say that.”
Tom Nolle, CIMI

“Alcatel Lucent is one of the most advanced suppliers in NFV and SDN. It combines Bell Labs’ knowhow, Motive assurance, Nuage, CloudBand and VNFs into a hybrid physical and virtual network solution that is broad and deep.”
Michael Sullivan-Trainor, TBR

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