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Services for Public Safety

Our comprehensive services portfolio maximizes the possibilities of mission critical broadband LTE based communications

New possibilities of public safety communication like the use of real time video or multi-dimension first responder situational awareness require mobile broadband capability – and LTE has been widely recognized as the technology of choice by public safety agencies looking to evolve to the next generation of Public Safety networks.

Nokia offers a comprehensive services portfolio to simplify the evolution to broadband LTE based public safety communications while assuring mission critical reliability and performance. With a large variety of tailor-made use cases around Connectivity, Command and Control Room, Connected Vehicles and Connected Field Force, we enhance the efficiency and situational awareness of first responders on the move.

At Critical Communications World MENA 2017 in Dubai, Nokia has launched two new services to accelerate public safety agency adoption of mission critical LTE and enable advanced communications for first responders ‘on the go’. The Device Software Customization service delivers tailor-made device software creating an intuitive user experience for first responders using smart devices for rapid actions while assuring performance and security of mission critical applications. We also launched the Care for Public Safety service portfolio which offers robust professional expert services to ensure the resiliency and high operational availability of mission critical communications, while ensuring teams are ready from day one for broadband technologies.

At Critical Communications World 2017 in Hong Kong, Nokia Services showcased how our multi-vendor and multi-technology expertise can help public safety agencies smoothly evolve from traditional public safety networks to LTE based high speed broadband communications while maintaining mission critical reliability and security.

We also launched our Integrated Operations Center solution for Public Safety for complete situation management which facilitates improved decision making for agencies, by combining and analysing data from various public safety systems, applications, social media and  the Internet of Things (IoT).

Choosing the right network evolution strategy

There are a number of ways in which Public safety agencies could choose to evolve to LTE based mission critical broadband networks. 

The first option is a dedicated LTE network deployment, in which a Public Safety agency or operator deploys a private LTE RAN and core network infrastructure for the sole purpose of Public Safety LTE services. Nokia Services  is currently working with Nedaa in Dubai to develop a dedicated public safety network to meet Dubai’s smarter and safer city needs.


Another possibility is to work with a commercial Communication Service Provider (CSP) in a shared overlay network setup. Here the Public safety agency does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which it provides services to its customers but maintains its own database, applications and billing information. An example of this is the Emergency Services Network (ESN) in the UK which is built on top of EE’s commercial LTE network where Nokia’s Services team is designing the network for universal radio coverage with critical Quality of Service (QoS).

Nokia’s Bell Labs consulting team and the Transformation services practice can help develop a comprehensive transformation strategy covering business, network, process, operations and tools transformation to ensure public safety operators derive maximum benefit from mission critical broadband communications.

Explore our Public Safety Services offering

Nokia offers a comprehensive services portfolio to maximize the possibilities of public safety communications on broadband LTE while assuring mission critical reliability and performance.

Advanced Command CenterImprove decision making , operational efficiency and agency interworking with our Integrated Operations Center solution powered by data aggregation, analytics, visualization and automation Front line situational awarenessHarness the power of next generation technologies including VR/AR, HD real time video and drones to improve response time and front line situational awareness while enhancing safety of first responders Mission critical network operations and maintenanceAssure mission critical network availability and high performance for vital public safety communications Emergency and Natural DisasterCreate 'tactical network bubbles' for first responder communications and re-establish vital communications in minutes in disaster scenarios Safe citiesEnsure safety and security for citizens with comprehensive situation management solutions, the Internet of Things and citizen Emergency Alert broadcast solutions

Case study Nokia TETRON Success StoryDeploying and maintaining a digital radio network for Austria’s public safety heroes

Nokia has unique services capabilities for both LMR and LTE networks with more than 110 references for mission critical networks and 346 references for commercial LTE networks.