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Integrated Operations Center

Integrated Operations Center makes public safety networks more efficient and responsive

Today's public safety agencies use a variety of communication, control, operational dispatch and monitoring systems. Many of these function seperately, with different consoles and windows that lack a combined view.

Nokia Integrated Operations Center (IOC) centralizes public safety situational management. Tailored to the needs of public safety agencies, it aims to streamline their operational processes, enhance situational awareness by aggregating multiple application and system data sources, and shorten response time through automated workflows.

Nokia IOC Infographic

  • Rapid onboarding of multivendor legacy and new applications, platforms, analytics engines and systems
  • Provides consolidated view across an entire city, with data feeds and alerts from various public safety systems and applications
  • Pre-integrated application modules reveal important information in real time, allowing rapid response
  • Enhanced cooperation between different agencies like Police, Health and Fire services.

IOC comprises four parts :

  • Technical consulting and systems integration services - help public safety agencies to identify which applications and systems are required to fulfil their situational awareness needs
  • Custom integration layer for legacy and future applications
  • Situation management platform - aids collaboration while greatly enhancing situational awareness and improving decision making
  • Pre-integrated application modules - including Video surveillance and Analytics, Tracking , Dispatch, SOS and even Social Media Integration

The Integrated Operations Center solution is based on Nokia’s extensive experience integrating some of the most complex mission critical operations centers in the world.

Nokia IOC customer cases

Join us at Critical Communications World HK to see the Integrated Operations Center in action

Nokia IOC is built on the extensive experience of Nokia Services in developing some of the world’s most complex mission critical operations centers. Nokia IOC can be deployed in the customer’s on-premises data center or on its private cloud. Backed by Nokia’s Systems Integration Services, it helps public safety operators streamline their workflows by integrating different vendors’ systems into a coherent whole. The result is smoother working, more efficient use of resources and better cooperation between agencies.