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Michel Combes talks revolution, cloud, and the future of Alcatel-Lucent with Light Reading

January 05, 2015

Image of Michel Combes and LightReading's Ray Le Maistre

Michel Combes wants the world to know that Alcatel-Lucent is at the heart of the technology that is transforming networks.

“Networks are back!” says the Alcatel-Lucent CEO in a recent in-depth video interview with Light Reading’s Ray Le Maistre at the company’s Technology Symposium in November. Combes strongly believes the company is best positioned in this revolution to help a broad range of customers build networks that will rise above capacity and flexibility constraints, and allow them to take advantage of this new, ultra-connected, cloud-shifted world.

Under The Shift Plan, Alcatel-Lucent’s goal remains its transformation into a specialist in IP, cloud, and ultra-broadband technology. The company also intends to become cash-positive in 2015, which will allow the company to invest in the future. “We are now migrating to the second part of my Shift Plan," Combes says, "which is to leverage the financial resources being unlocked from this turnaround in order to invest in even more innovation - whether it’s in Bell Labs or in our business lines.”

The energetic CEO sees a very bright future ahead. When asked about the company’s prospects, Combes is unwavering in his conviction that when Alcatel-Lucent becomes cash positive the market will fully recognize its turnaround and see it as a future leader of the digital world. “We have the DNA," he says. "We have the skills, we have the capabilities. We have the disruptive mindset inside us. And we have the fire in order to make it happen!”

Light Reading isn’t the only media outlet reporting good news about Alcatel-Lucent’s success in 2014. With international headlines such as “Alcatel-Lucent overhaul paying off” in China Daily and “Alcatel-Lucent makes the Shift” in IT Wire, it seems the tide is turning as the company’s growth strategy gains momentum.

Watch the interview with Michel Combes.