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Mformation brings bold thinking about Internet of Things

September 17, 2015

In its ongoing efforts to blaze new trails and speed up innovation in the IoT world, Alcatel-Lucent announced the acquisition of New Jersey-based Mformation, a leading provider of mobile and IoT security and device management solutions for mobile operators, service providers, and enterprises.

Why does that matter? Because in the past 6 months alone more than 50 million Internet of Things (IoT) devices have been hacked or recalled. Security concerns are on the rise as networks become increasingly virtualized, wireless devices become mainstay components of complex machines, and unmanned connected devices begin to outnumber the world’s population tenfold.

As connected devices become an ever increasing part of our social and economic fabric, we need to ensure that these devices, and the networks they navigate, are secure, reliable and efficient. Mformation’s cloud-enabled IoT platform will enable our customers to rapidly deploy IoT services that can be trusted and managed efficiently,” explained Bhaskar Gorti, president of our IP Platforms business.

The company will be incorporated into our IP Platforms organization. It will broaden ourability to provide service providers and enterprises with a secure, scalable, application-independent, IoT security and control platform for use across multiple industries including automotive, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, and the digital home.

The combination of the Alcatel-Lucent Motive® portfolio and Mformation will allow network operators to manage any endpoint (or gateway), establishing an end-to-end IoT “chain of trust” built on industry best practices for authentication and data and network security. These end-to-end capabilities can address the increasing importance of the effective management and security for the 70 billion devices expected to connect to the Internet by 2020. And they will simplify the management of converged networks expected to grow exponentially with the implementation of 5G.