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The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective

90-year book is worth the wait

October 20, 2015

Bell Labs research is doing something for the first time in its 90-year history – publishing a book. Hard to believe that the while the 8-time Nobel Prize winning Bell Labs research team has explored the origins of the universe, invented the transistor and the laser, and continuously innovated to create the future of networking and communications, the researchers have never banded together to write a book about how they see that future.

In this book, The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective, Bell Labs President and Alcatel-Lucent CTO Marcus Weldon and his Bell Labs team outline how they see the future and describe the technological revolution that they predict is ahead of us. “We are beginning a new era in networking that will be shaped by the digitization and connection of everything and everyone with the goal of optimizing human decision-making and automating everyday routines and processes,” Marcus said. “The network will be the key driver of this revolution.”

This book provides the fundamental technological context for these changes and the architectural and market shifts that will occur.  It is intended to spark a global dialog about the industry and about our future. It’s a discussion we need to have now, given the magnitude of the transformation we are facing and the unprecedented opportunity and challenges this change may bring.

The book outlines how Bell Labs sees this new technological era unfolding. It identifies the key breakthroughs needed at both the architectural and systems levels, as well the market realignments that will result.  

In short, the digitization of our world will be the driver of change. The enabler will be the "cloud integrated network," which has seemingly infinite capacity and scales from local to global with sustainable economics. And the benefit will be the emergence of automated systems that provide augmented intelligence to any critical analysis task.

Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a major area of change, including

  • the Internet of Things
  • security
  • cloud
  • wireless
  • the home
  • broadband
  • the enterprise … and more

You can read chapter 1 of the book for free. And you can order the full book at major retail outlets including Amazon at