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Alcatel-Lucent News In Review - March 2015

This month’s News In Review includes details of a technology partnership to drive innovation with start-ups, highlights from Mobile World Congress 2015, and CMO Tim Krause discusses how the network “is back” as Alcatel-Lucent looks to grow outside its traditional telecoms space. 


March 31, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes and Romain Lavault Partner of Partech Ventures


Alcatel-Lucent has created a technology partnership with the Partech Shaker, the Paris-based hub dedicated to open innovation in digital technologies and the world’s first campus dedicated to open digital innovation.

The partnership was announced at a Paris press event by Michel Combes and the managing partners of Partech Ventures, one of Europe’s largest venture capitalists and Partech Shaker’s backers. During the event Combes highlighted the importance of open innovation within Alcatel-Lucent as well as the industry ecosystem it works within, supporting the role of large companies in the development of start-ups. Combes also outlined how Alcatel-Lucent is adopting the entrepreneurial mindset of the start-up world as part of its transformation to become a specialist in IP, cloud and ultra-broadband access technologies, as well as expanding out of its traditional telecoms customer base to service new enterprise markets.

The relationship with Partech Shaker follows partnerships Alcatel-Lucent has announced with leading innovators in technology application such as Qualcomm, Intel, JC Decaux and Thales, driving open innovation through collaboration as a catalyst for growth.


At the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Alcatel-Lucent showcased its vision of the future of networks with a presence centered around three themes:

  • The move to cloud and network virtualization.
  • Combining the best of Wi-Fi™ and cellular technologies.
  • Alcatel-Lucent’s Network 2020 vision incorporating the journey to 5G.

During the show, Alcatel-Lucent made two key announcements:

The first was the introduction of Virtualized Radio Access Network technology. Alcatel-Lucent’s vRAN platform was demonstrated at MWC15 just 12 months after the company announced its agreement with Intel to collaborate on network functions virtualization (NFV).

The vRAN platform is a virtual architecture designed to improve the efficiencies of a RAN, and built in partnership with Intel, China Mobile and Telefónica. Alcatel-Lucent’s vRAN technology will be available for customer trials during 2015 and for commercial operation in 2016.

WiFi/cellular convergence was a major theme at Mobile World Congress this year and the second of Alcatel-Lucent’s announcements underlined the company’s technology leadership in wireless in general, and its innovation in this area in particular. Wireless Unified Networks is a product strategy that combines the best of Wi-Fi and cellular technology to enhance the end user’s experience of seamless coverage including nearly doubling of download speeds, an order of magnitude increase in upload speeds, and the extension of network range. This new technology will enable operators to blend cellular and Wi-Fi networks into one unified wireless network for home, work, and outdoor environments.

These announcements demonstrate the company’s path towards realizing its Network 2020 vision with technologies already coming to market. Network 2020 addresses the three major challenges of networks for the digital society: connectivity, reliability and security, and eco-sustainability. As today’s networks are already straining with the growth of traffic driven by the rapid uptake of smartphones, tables and other connected, Network 2020 paves the way towards an network infrastructure that will cope with these challenges. 


The network is back! In this video, filmed at the Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Krause, explains the opportunities for the company in enterprise-based business segments outside of its traditional telecoms service provider space. And, as Tim explains, most of these industries are already deciding that the network is critical to their business model. 


Bell Labs launches consulting division to advise industry on path to network of 2020 (read the press release)

Alcatel-Lucent and Etisalat to give customers in UAE greater control over their service (read the press release)

Alcatel-Lucent and Chuan Wei boost connectivity with Cambodia’s first ultra-broadband 100G fiber-optic data network (read the press release)

Alcatel-Lucent expands optical networking portfolio to meet enterprise and operator demand for video, cloud and data center traffic in metro networks (read the press release)

Bell Labs announces the 2015 Prize now open to game-changing ideas with the power to disrupt communications (read the press release)

[5G PPP Press Release] 5G can deliver a ‘truly networked’ society with Europe in the driving seat (read the press release)

[Verizon Press Release] LTE–U Forum Explores Technical Possibilities of LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum (read the press release


Virtualization technology is changing the way the world connects – in this blog post, Nicolas Bouverot, who runs Alcatel-Lucent’s activities in Japan, reflects on how NTT’s recent discreet media announcement about the world’s first demonstration of interoperability of the IETF method for service chaining involving six companies, may not be so discreet after all.

A bright future for Optical – in this blog post, Sam Bucci Senior VP and General Manager of Alcatel-Lucent's IP Routing and Transport business reflects on how the inevitable path towards SDN and NFV shows how pivotal software has become, even inside the network.

Gender diversity: Do we really need to build awareness? – in this blog post, Patricia Hargil of Alcatel-Lucent’s corporate strategy team reflects on the need to build awareness after attending a gender diversity session at the United Nations. 


Q1 2015 Financial Results: May 7
Annual General Meeting: May 26