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XRS IP Core Router: Big, bold, and booming

July 22, 2014

When we launched the 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS) IP core router into an established market, the goal was to challenge the leadership in that core router market. We wanted to offer customers a solution that didn’t require trade-offs among performance, versatility, and price.

That strategy is paying off. Customer momentum is growing. And with more than 25 contract wins and many trials underway, we are now displacing competitors in some of the world’s largest IP networks.

The reason?

Legacy core networks are feeling the strain of increased demand for high-bandwidth cloud services. The XRS was purpose-built to handle these challenges. And service providers are taking advantage of its superior scale, efficiency, and versatility to bolster their networks for the cloud era.

And we are seeing a wave of contract announcements as a result.

Market momentum on the upswing

Middle East network giant Türk Telekom is our latest customer and marks the first public XRS deployment in the region. 

Turkey’s leading communication and convergence technology group deployed our solution initially in 3 locations in the cities of Istanbul and Ankara. The XRS core router will help the company meet the ever-growing demand for high-bandwidth data such as video from its growing base of more than 7.4 million subscribers.  

In Asia Pacific, New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company, Chorus, selected the XRS core router to build an IP core network. The network will power the company’s “Chorus Accelerate” program, handling growing bandwidth demand as Chorus offers its customers an entirely new set of broadband services over both copper and fiber networks.

In Europe, we are working with Finland’s Elisa, the country’s leading provider of mobile and fixed broadband services. Finland has one of the highest mobile penetration rates and customer usages in the world. 

This deployment will allow Elisa to continuously improve the customer experience and meet demand for next generation services. The contract also includes our 7750 Service Router, our 7210 Service Access Switch family, and our 5620 Service Aware Manager

Core agility

Our XRS core router is showing off its versatility with other engagements, too.  We made a number of announcements last year. It’s handling traffic in the world’s largest Internet Exchange Point in Frankfurt, Germany, for DE-CIX.  It is in operation in the high-traffic data center of U.S.-based global healthcare provider UPMC.  Cable operator, Telenet is using it to support customers’ ever increasing demand for video and data.

We have also announced XRS deployments in the IP/MPLS core networks of Belgium’s Belgacom and of Telefónica in Argentina and the Czech Republic. 

Basil Alwan, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s IP networking business, said: “Alcatel-Lucent is an IP networking specialist, and the 7950 XRS family is a key element of our portfolio. At launch, we were delivering a ground-breaking solution that had the highest port density and was the most versatile, scalable, efficient core router on the market. It has maintained that class leading position ever since.“

“When we introduced the 7950 XRS” Alwan continues, “we threw down the gauntlet and set the standard for how core routers should be built. We’ve spent the last 2 years proving its ability. We’ve seen industry awards and analyst commendations, and we have deployed the XRS in all major regions: North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. 2014 is truly the year of the 7950 XRS!”

As network architectures evolve and constraints are removed, bandwidth demand will soar even further.  We built the 7950 XRS IP Core Router with this demand in mind. And it will continue to prove its class-leading capabilities in the new cloud-optimized world, helping customers save time, power, space, and cost.