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Record-Breaking Capacity in a 100G Trial with Türk Telekom

February 20, 2014

Türk Telekom, Turkey’s leading telecom operator, has broken a Guinness World Records™ title with an 8 Terabits per second data transmission rate – equivalent to downloading 250 HD films per second – over a single fiber cable in a commercial network.

This record-breaking success relied on Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G optical technology. The transmission took place between Ankara and Istanbul on the Türk Telekom DWDM backbone network in the summer of 2013, and was recently announced as a new record.

Customer demand keeps rising in Turkey among corporate and individual users. Türk Telekom boasts the largest fiber infrastructure in the country, having grown its experience within this domain since the 1980’s. As a result, and in line with its “digital transformation” vision, the company is able to meet Turkey’s requirements today and into the future.

“We were looking to extend our fiber broadband infrastructure to all parts of Turkey and, at the same time, exploit the advantages offered by the relevant technologies to the maximum extent in our network backbone” said Memet Atalay, Vice President of Operations, Türk Telekom.

Türk Telekom’s drive to exploit new technology gave Alcatel-Lucent the opportunity to showcase the strengths of our 100G technology.

The 8-Tb/s record was achieved by the design and implementation of the most advanced 100G dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) network, using our 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS-32) and 1626 Light Manager solutions.

“Designed to meet the need for greater bandwidth posed by high-resolution video services, web access, and cloud services, our 100G technology stands out for its environmentally friendly features while offering extraordinary performance, flexibility, and reliability on existing optical transmission networks,” said Cenk Kivilcim, Country Senior Officer Turkey-Azerbaijan, Alcatel-Lucent.

To confirm the new record, Guinness World Records™ guidelines required that the 8-Tb/s data transfer rate be commercially executed on a pair of fiber optic connections. It was evaluated through a meticulous process carried out by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), an internationally recognized test center, and certified by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Read the test report.

Alcatel-Lucent has a long and trusted relationship with Türk Telekom. “We have been delivering optical solutions to the company since 2000,” said Kivilcim. “Initially we provided SDH solutions, before deploying DWDM in its backbone network. We launched 100G over DWDM in 2011. And we are constantly improving the capacity of our 100G optic-compatible technology to help our customers continue to meet their subscriber demands.”

Arm El Leithy, Vice-President, Middle-East, Africa & Turkey, Alcatel-Lucent, concluded “Türk Telekom was so impressed with the capacity enabled by the trial, that, supported by us, they applied for the Guinness World Records title. We are very pleased to have been a part of this world record, as it showcases our expertise and leadership in Agile Optical Networking.”