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Nuage Networks: Advancing the Network through SDN

April 23, 2014

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Software defined networking (SDN) has picked up a tremendous amount of traction since early 2013, with many new vendors talking about their SDN plans.

One company has consistently delivered working SDN products and solutions with a strong commitment to advancing open and multi-vendor SDN: That company is Alcatel-Lucent’s Nuage Networks™.

Nuage Networks launched only one year ago. In that time, they have successfully completed more than 30 customer trials and deployments. And they have consistently delivered SDN capabilities that remove network constraints to make cloud environments boundary free.

Financial services and healthcare companies, cloud providers such as Numergy, telecommunications providers such as NTT Communications and TELUS , and infrastructure providers such as IDC Frontier Inc. and Evonet – these leading global companies have all chosen Nuage Networks technology for use within their networks.


Why are so many companies choosing Nuage Networks?

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), winner of the TMC “Excellence in SDN Award,” lays the foundation for a dynamically controlled cloud network with a powerful, multi-tenanted policy and service engine backed by analytics.

SDN Zone Excellence in SDN 2014

When VSP is combined with the Nuage Networks 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG), CIOs can establish policies to be instantiated and enforced across all of the company’s assets, within and across private and shared data center facilities, regardless of whether the servers or appliances are virtualized.

According to Erik Beauvalot, COO at cloud provider Numergy, “The Nuage Networks SDN technology allows us to address key performance and compliance requirements for virtualizing our infrastructure and enabling the range of cloud services that are essential for meeting our enterprise customers’ needs.”

NTT Communications Senior VP of Service Infrastructure Yukio Ito agreed. “We’ve been engaged in PoC (proof of concept) for Nuage Networks VSP since its initial version was released in 2013 and realize that the product has great potential as a virtual network solution of an overlay model.  We have high hopes for the upcoming joint PoC on the new version of VSP, as it could further strengthen the global cloud vision that we advocate, enabling us to consider new cloud services that bring benefit to customers.”

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