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Visibility with control

Instrumentation for network insight and control

Optimize your IP networks to make them more responsive, secure and efficient. Our solutions provide visibility and control that let you quickly respond to traffic dynamics and security threats.

Our approach allows you to use your IP network to improve security and traffic management. It lets you combine intelligence at scale with real-time visibility and control over network resources and application traffic flows. This combination gives you the agile, responsive and effective operational processes you need for cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

With our solutions, you can use insight-driven automation to streamline and simplify operations in scale-out IP networks for the cloud and IoT. This new operational model uses the enhanced packet intelligence and control capabilities of our groundbreaking FP4 routing silicon. It lets you build a smart network fabric that supports granular traffic management, scalable flow optimization, and highly effective in-line DDoS mitigation.

Real-time visibilityMake your network more responsive and reliable by gaining real-time visibility of network health, traffic and resources. Our field-proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS) uses streaming telemetry and open APIs to provide a wealth of data in a secure, timely and machine-friendly manner.
Real-time analyticsGet the information you need to make quick and effective decisions. With Nokia Deepfield, you can use real-time analytics, machine-learning algorithms and cloud computing to convert terabytes of telemetry data into actionable insights on trends, anomalies and threats.
Cloud intelligence and flow optimizationOptimize delivery of application traffic. Our Network Services Platform combines carrier SDN capabilities with cloud intelligence from Deepfield to help you identify, monitor and manage internet application flows on your network.
Network forensics and DDoS mitigationMake your network part of your security solution. Pit the massive capacity of our 2.4 Tb/s FP4 routing silicon against volumetric DDoS attacks. Use its enhanced packet intelligence and control capabilities to surgically filter out harmful flows while services continue.

Nokia IP routing solutions support insight-driven automation

Nokia IP routing solutions support insight-driven automation

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Use our breakthrough FP4 silicon innovations, software and systems to modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the IoT.

Improve IP network performance, security, and efficiency with software-based analytics and DDoS protection.

Deliver on-demand network services quickly and economically with a carrier SDN platform that unifies service automation and network optimization.