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IoT for service providers

Manage millions of IoT device connections and support applications that open new revenues for service providers.

Nokia IoT innovations give service providers the capabilities they need to transform business models,  to change the way their customers live and work, while providing them with a better experience.

The rapid development of IoT technology is creating new business opportunities for service providers in domains such as public safety, healthcare, connected mobility, connected home, and smart cities. 

We can help you get your network and business ready for the IoT. Ourportfolio includes a secure independent platform that brings services to the market more quickly, analyticals that help you create more value for your customers and  connectivity for a variety of customer scenarios, Our multi layer architecture lets you approach the IoT market in the way that works best for your business.

To help you and your customers get the maximum value from the IoT, our offer blends the best expertise in world-class IP networking, access, and cloud technologies. And, it brings you proven innovations built from real-world market trials and an ecosystem of partners representing some of the world’s most successful brands.  

How can our IoT solutions help your business?

Get IoT connectivity that provides the scalability, coverage, availability, latency, interoperability, and security you need to handle massive numbers of connections

Deploy a horizontal standards-based IoT platform that supports a broad range of vertical applications so you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and securely mix and match devices and applications.  Tap into an IoT ecosystem that accelerates the development and delivery of IoT solutions by bringing innovative companies together to collaborate on concepts, prototypes, business models, and market trials.

Discover our IoT building blocks for service providers

IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) includes:

  • Device management platform that connects and manages devices securely.  It provides lifecycle management for more than 80,000 models of broadband, home and IoT devices and is the most secure way to activate and maintain services in SIM based and SIM-less network connected devices.
  • Secure data collection that is analyzed to create the value from the IoT
  • Application Enablement platform that helps service providers create customized IoT applications and services quickly and cost effectively. The platform makes it easier to handle the complexity of these applications including managing devices, networks and systems.
  •  The platform includes network, cloud and end-point security. It also implements the latest Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) security model for IoT device management and is backed by Nokia’s extensive security portfolio.
  • Connectivity Management platform which manages high volumes of connections from sensors and devices, including those that use SIM connections. It also offers flexible deployment and modules for capabilities such as billing, mediation, and CRM.

Connectivity for IoT

  • Mobile  radio for the  IoT unleashes the IoT potential of 4G networks by optimizing LTE and TD-LTE cell capacity and the smart phone user experience.  The portfolio supports standard cellular protocols (EC-GSM, NB-IOT, eMTC) as well as Wi-Fi, LoRa and MuLTEfire. Plus, our LTE technologies support mission-critical public safety and first responder services.
  • Support for all three 3GPP IoT radio technologies addresses the connection requirements of different applications with low-cost connectivity and improved indoor and rural coverage. It extends device battery life beyond ten years for remote sensors and meters
  • The mobile IP core for the IoT reduces signaling traffic, optimizes resource use, and reduces power consumption, enabling you to offer SLA-based connectivity which also drives down total cost of ownership (TCO) for IoT solutions and supports a business mix of high average revenue per connection (ARPC) and low-ARPC IoT traffic
  • The fixed networks portfolio brings high bandwidth and QoS to backhaul Small Cells and IoT access points  while our Z-Wave/Zigbee- enabled RGW serves as a central hub to connect and control smart home devices like remote power plugs, sensors, alarms and more.

Services for the IoT provides:

  • Expertise that helps service providers design, integrate, and customize IoT platforms and application to address the needs of different verticals.
  • Engagements with our consulting, professional, and managed services to help you define IoT business strategies, assess current networks, and design and maintain new networks.

Our research, market development and ecosystem provide:

  • Built-in world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs and Nokia Technologies leading IoT research.
  • Benefits and real-world knowledge from elaborate use cases and end-to-end solutions for vertical applications across selected sectors.
  • The ng Connect IoT Community unleashes the potential of the IoT by bringing innovative companies together to collaborate on  solution concepts, end-to-end prototypes, business models, and market trials.