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IoT for the Automotive Fleet Industry

Meet demands and easily connect, secure and control IoT devices for the Automotive Fleet Industry.

Nokia Internet of Things (IoT) innovations provides the scale, connectivity, security and control that can shape the future of the automotive fleet industry.

Automotive fleets are essential to many business. As vehicles become more digitized and connected, they often require frequent software and firmware updates which causes down time for critical transportation assets. Many of these processes can be inconvenient and expensive. Our IoT solution is secure, reliable and efficient keeping fleets updated and on the road as much as possible… which means more money for your business.

How can Nokia IoT solutions transform automotive fleet management?

Our solution enables fleet managers to scale IoT applications and control IoT devices securely. The solution is agnostic to device protocol. It monitors and analyzes device data and provides insights and actionable information that help companies be more proactive and use their fleets more efficiently.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio that includes fleet applications, intra-vehicle device management, and infrastructure that can handle high volumes of IoT device connections and packet data. Our platform supports fleet-related stakeholders such as insurance carriers, delivery fleet owners, logistics planning and service vehicles, remote field workforces, governments, and public transport agencies.

With the IoT management solution you can securely integrate real-time visibility, analytics, and sensor-driven automation across the supply chain for fleets and the products they transport. It covers OBD-II sensor data, device firmware, applications, and non-automotive onboard devices.

Our data center solutions allow fleet managers to develop and deploy high-quality services faster and more securely. They support options such as mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) models with wireless operators, data center interconnection, and branch connectivity to dealership service centers.

Nokia IoT building blocks for the automotive fleet industry

IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things):

  • Device Management Platform enables remote provisioning, configuration, OS and firmware updates, and device troubleshooting.
  • Connectivity Management Platform provides IoT device SIM provisioning, activation and subscription management. It also reports usage & connectivity status.
  • Application Enablement Platform exposes IoT network capabilities to third-party applications.
  • Data collection and analytics

Security and policy offerings protect the network and devices from compromise of services or “bad actors.” Nokia Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) can be used to authenticate many IoT devices.

Cloud Data Center Interconnect solutions support cloud data center connectivity and provide DevOps environments with greater agility, flexibility, scalability, and security.

Private or hybrid Software-Defined Data Centers can help distribute and protect valuable information, such as business-critical data and information from devices in connected cars.

The IoT-Optimized Core solution allows an automotive OEM to act as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and host a private mobile network core in its data center. The OEM can then isolate network traffic in its vehicles to enhance security, simplify vehicle management, and optimize the infotainment experience.

Virtualized Network Services support dealer branch connectivity. Automotive OEMs can simplify vehicle maintenance and upgrades by connecting branches securely and cost effectively.

Our ecosystem includes a variety of IoT devices and applications that further leverage the investment in the IoT platform.

Consultation services teams assess existing networks, define required optimizations, and ensure that they are implemented and maintained.