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Fiber-to-the-most-economical point

X marks the sweet spot

The new benchmark for basic broadband is 100 Mb/s, and this must be available everywhere, not just in cities. A mix of FTTx technologies – copper, cable, fiber or wireless – is the only way to provide ubiquitous ultra-broadband coverage.

How far should fiber go in your broadband plans?

It's not easy determining what flavor of FTTx you need in your network.

  • Fiber-to-the-node?
  • Fiber-to-the-antenna?
  • Fiber all the way to the home?

Nokia's answer is FTT$ - fiber-to-the-most-economical-point.

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Making money with broadband

Your technology, time-to-market and business case options.

Your technology, time-to-market and business case options.

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Why New Zealand's finest chooses Nokia

Why nbn chose Nokia to help connect every home and business in Australia

Master NG-PON evolution with our universal approach.

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Best consumer 10 Gb/s service based on next-generation PON award, with SK Broadband.

Solutions to make your fiber spend go further.

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Why fiber is the fastest growing broadband technology.

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Take gigabit broadband where fiber fears to tread.

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