Nokia Saving Lives

Intelligent solutions for
worldwide rescue operations

The Project

Nokia developed Nokia Saving Lives project to demonstrate the power of technological progress to save lives. Strong coordination and the synergies created by combined use of different technologies and key stakeholders can resolve the structural limitations in future rescue operations. Nokia Saving Lives is part of Nokia Innovations, which focuses on the future technology development.

Nokia Joins the GSMA Humanitarian Connectivity Charter

See the GSMA HCC announcement

Imagine reliable connectivity in the most
challenging conditions

The Technology

LTE-based communications equipment used with drones equipped with cameras can play a vital role when disaster strikes. We can also equip drones with other equipment to enhance their effectiveness, based on the needs of the rescue effort.


The Solution

Nokia seeks better collaboration with country operators, vendors, and global NGOs for saving lives in the future rescue operations. Nokia Saving Lives is planned as a sustainability activity. We want to work closer with relief organizations, so we may offer our technology and expertise to help people.

Nokia Saving Lives materials

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