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Nokia Saving Lives

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Nokia Saving Lives: The Project

Using technology to make people’s lives better is the heart of Nokia’s vision and promise and it’s how we exercise our social responsibility. The Nokia Saving Lives project demonstrates the power of technology to save lives by combining mobile communications technology with drones and applications like real-time high-definition video and infrared camera, to enable communications in emergencies or disasters so that first responders can provide the fastest possible response in helping people.

Network connectivity is often the first priority of any rescue operation since it is often compromised in disaster situations. Nokia’s Ultra Compact Network provides a standalone LTE network to quickly re-establish connectivity to various mission-critical applications including video-equipped drones. Drones can stream video and other sensor data in real time from the disaster site to a control center, providing inputs such as exact locations where people are stranded and nature of the difficulty of reaching the locations.

The Nokia Saving Lives initiative establishes a control center in a disaster location which analyzes data using Nokia Video Analytics technology to derive useful insights that enable quick decision-making for prioritizing tasks for efficient and safe rescue operations. Nokia’s Video and Data Analytics solution together with rescue applications and mission advisor tools provide the required intelligence for making appropriate decisions quickly. The Nokia Saving Lives project combines LTE technology with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications such real-time high-definition video and infrared cameras to help emergency services to provide fast response and communication in disaster zones.

Nokia Saving Lives Wins the UAE Drones for Good Award!

Nokia showcased the Nokia Saving Lives project at the third consecutive UAE Drones for Good event held in Dubai, UAE on February 17-18, 2017.

During the event Nokia Saving Lives project demonstrated how groups of drones flying in formation can efficiently search for people in a disaster area. Nokia’s Ultra Compact Network used to establish instant high-speed LTE connectivity while camera-borne drones capture footage from disaster locations in real time. Nokia Saving Lives won the 1st prize and $1 million in the International Drones category.

Nokia Joins the GSMA Humanitarian Connectivity Charter

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Imagine reliable connectivity in the most
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The Technology

LTE-based communications equipment used with drones equipped with cameras can play a vital role when disaster strikes. We can also equip drones with other equipment to enhance their effectiveness, based on the needs of the rescue effort.


The Solution

Nokia seeks better collaboration with country operators, vendors, and global NGOs for saving lives in the future rescue operations. Nokia Saving Lives is planned as a sustainability activity. We want to work closer with relief organizations, so we may offer our technology and expertise to help people.

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