5G Connected Industries
Fourth Industrial Revolution Industry 4.0 Meet the factory of the future The fourth industrial revolution is dawning, as industries look to increase productivity and flexibility of production. They also aim to deliver personalized products to meet changing demands through a higher degree of automation. In addition, industries want to operate more safely and sustainably. With massive machine type communications (MTC), real-time control of machines, robot/human interactions and edge cloud analytics, 5G will be key to supporting the wireless connectivity needed to power these new ‘smart factories’. Increased efficiency Create powerful interaction Ultra-low latency, combined with MTC and intelligent analytics, will make it easier for people and robots to work collaboratively. It will also enable you to control machines in real time. This means your workforce can move more freely, away from heavy machinery, which helps you increase safety. And with massive connectivity, all your machines can interact with each other, providing continuous updates to back-office systems.
Flexibility Increased customization Make things personal With fast, reliable communications between machinery, sensors and computing systems, you can adjust your production line to make customization easier. So, you can ensure a streamlined manufacturing process, while still meeting consumer demand for different, personalized products in varying quantities. Supply chains With servers in the edge cloud communicating with sensors and machines on the factory floor, you’ll be able to automate many systems and processes. You can streamline everything from material handling, to production and inventory management, making it easier to manage your whole factory. Plus, with real-time management and MTC, you can reduce assembly timeand improve your overall productivity. Keep things moving Flexible assembly Cut the wires With the wireless connectivity of 5G, you can say goodbye to the wired systems required to keep machines connected to your central computing system. That makes it easier to reconfigure your production systems to cope with changing product lines. And you can monitor everything in real time, helping you ensure business continuity.
Efficiency Increased value Get more for your money As well as making your operations more technically efficient, wireless connectivity is also more cost efficient. During a study of a factory where our technology is currently being used, we found that total cost of ownership was 5 times lower with wireless connectivity than with wired. More flexibility Reconfigure on the fly 5G can help to dramatically increase flexibility within your factory. Wireless connectivity makes it easier to reconfigure the machines on your factory floor to meet changing demands. 5G also enables you to future-proof your production line, as you can add new machines without needing to make significant changes to your network. Improved reliability Achieve a full five-nines With 5G, you benefit from five-nines reliability (99.999%), which means you can count on your wireless connectivity just the same as your previous wired systems. And because it’s a wireless network, 5G also gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease the available bandwidth to match your demand.
Productivity Improved productivity Be there, when you can’t be there Supercharge your productivity With 5G you can improve your productivity with automated information and knowledge sharing throughout your production lifecycle. 5G makes it easier to control your workflow automation, and with improved latency and reliability you can increase your time to market and mitigate against errors. You can also offer new digital services, creating added value for you and your customers. Streamlined maintenance Accelerate repairs and upgrades With 5G, you can make maintenance support faster and safer. Off-site specialists can communicate with local engineers in real time, using virtual or augmented reality to supervise equipment upgrades and repairs in real time. So, your production line can get back to work quicker, saving you time and money. And with remote fixing, engineers can keep out of harm’s way. Guaranteed production Keep everything running Mitigate against potential disruption to keep your factory online and your production line working. With 5G, your critical operations, plus the control and monitoring of your equipment, can operate on a local private network. So, you can isolate critical operations to mitigate the loss of connectivity to external networks, ensuring production is maintained.
Safety and Security Emergency shutdown With highly reliable, low-latency connectivity using short burst communications, 5G can help you to create safety areas for people. Immediate intrusion detection enables you to shut down machinery quickly in the event of an emergency. So you can ensure worker safety, and halt production systems correctly to prevent damage to costly machinery. Keep your people safe Network security With 5G, you’ll be able to own and operate personal servers in the edge cloud. They could be housed on your physical premises, making them easier to maintain and secure. You could even dedicate various slices of your bandwidth to different areas of traffic. So, for example, you’ll be able to isolate email servers from critical systems, meaning if one experiences problems, the other would carry on unaffected. Secure your network
Technology and Services Technology Services Nokia 5G FIRST Nokia 5G Technology Our technology provides flexible, programmable networks to deliver seemingly infinite capacity to accommodate varying traffic demands. They’re built on common platforms that adapt to any cloud-based applications. And they offer advanced analytics to control and manage the entire network, with end-to-end security built in. Nokia 5G First Our solution includes the technology building blocks, services and partnership programs that are at the heart of delivering new experiences and realizing new business opportunities. Nokia 5G Acceleration Services We can help you minimize the complexity of transforming your network. We’ll assist you in creating a plan that allows you to migrate to 5G and capitalize on new business opportunities. We’ll also help you to model network and business cases, then design and deploy the relevant new networks.