5G – Creating a new era of communication

The future of mobile communications is likely to be very different to that which we are used to today. While demand for mobile broadband will continue to increase, largely driven by ultra high definition video and better screens, we are already seeing the growing impact of the human possibilities of technology as the things around us become ever more connected.

Nokia 5G at the CTIA Super Mobility 2016

The Brooklyn 5G Summit 2016

5G possibilities – the perspective of industry leaders

Infographic: 5 keys to 5G


5G Possibilities

Every industry will be affected by 5G. Network speeds as high as 10Gbps and with extremely low latency are a driving force for new applications that use massive broadband capabilities. 5G will be the platform enabling growth in many industries, ranging from the IT industry to the car, entertainment, agriculture and manufacturing industries.


Nokia 5G Enterprise Summit. Get ready, now!


Enterprises talk 5G in Nokia 5G Enterprise Summit Nov 2016


CNBC visits Nokia to talk 5G
We’re starting to read more and more about 5G in the news these days. Lauri Oksanen, Nokia Networks' VP Research and Technology, T&I Research had the chance to speak with a crew from CNBC which flew to discuss the topic and see our Solution Experience Center. Watch the video here.

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Whitepapers and articles

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5G Versatile Radio

Nokia Networks features new 5G radio systems that use advanced antennas and operate in the bands up to 100GHz for extreme throughput and virtual zero latency. While more spectrum below 6 GHz is needed and innovative techniques will be put into operation to make more efficient use of already allocated spectrum, there will be a growing need to unlock new spectrum bands in the 6 to 100 GHz range. Read more


Nokia Path to 5G

World-first: 5G cmWave Technology – 19.1 Gbps throughput
Proof of Concept demonstrating Nokia Networks’ cmWave technology, setting a new milestone that adds momentum to the standardization of 5G. In a joint 5G trial, SKT and Nokia Networks achieved 19.1 Gbps transmission speed over the air. The demo showcases the potential of 5G to transmit massive amounts of data in the blink of an eye, which would, for example, enable a user to download a full-HD movie in a matter of seconds. See the video here

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5G System of Systems

5G is going far beyond radio. To achieve built-in flexibility current networks will transform from comprising vertically integrated discrete network elements, to being cognitive, cloud optimized and seamless in operation. Networks will become cognitive to be able to optimize themselves autonomously. Read more


Key design targets of the 5G architecture

We need a 5G architecture that is broad and flexible enough for disruptive technologies, new approaches and new use cases for various industries, to bring them in as partners. Watch the video here

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5G Transition

By 2030 there is likely to be as much as 10,000 times more wireless data traffic criss-crossing networks than there was in 2010. With the right approach this can be done in an economically feasible way: growing in line with traffic demand while leveraging existing investments. Nokia Networks has done extensive deployment studies in Chicago, Madrid, New York and Tokyo to find the most efficient deployment strategies. Read more


Nokia Services for 5G
Watch the video here

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5G Potential

Driven by the enormous increase in mobile data traffic and flourishing user demands, we need to look beyond 4G. The mobile communications community has already conducted significant research into systems for the next decade and 5G is the acronym for next generation mobile communication systems. It is generally anticipated that 5G will be commercially available around 2020 at the earliest. Read more

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5G network energy efficiency

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