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Use Case:

Reduce the cost of mission-critical highway communications networks

Deploy a single, intelligent, multiservice, and ultra-broadband network architecture

Nokia helps highway agencies and departments of transportation to enable operational efficiency for safe, on-time and connected highway journeys through a single, intelligent, multiservice and ultra-broadband network architecture for all communications needs of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Challenge: Building a simplified and optimized communications infrastructure for highways

Often a highway's communications infrastructure is a legacy of ITS growth with an obsolete patchwork of many voice, video and data networks operating in parallel and with limited interconnectivity. Highway agencies are in a need of a simplified and optimized communications infrastructure capable to support the unique set of network requirements of each ITS application, critical and less-critical. This network infrastructure must support a variety of legacy communications technologies, such as SDH, SONET or TDM, while new ITS services are IP-based.

Solution: Benefit from a single, intelligent and mission-critical network architecture for highways

The Nokia mission-critical solution for intelligent highways meets all the communications needs of an ITS - reducing operational costs while also improving safety. Highway agencies benefit from real-time, multimedia communications between traffic management systems and roadside equipment, vehicles, travelers, and all highway stakeholders.

Reduce cost, improve operations



Build a single converged network architecture to reduce cost of maintaining disparate infrastructure elements

Enhance safety and security, reduce congestion and pollution


Implement new advanced ITS applications while supporting legacy services, and benefit from greater collaboration

Generate new revenue streams, be future ready


Offer attractive services for traveler experience, monetize network infrastructure and flexibly adapt to future ITS communications demand

Our mission-critical solution for intelligent highways leverages our world-class IP/MPLS, optics, microwave, and passive optical LAN portfolios, and is complemented with our LTE-4G and Wi-Fi portfolios, as well as a full range of network services.

The Nokia difference

With Nokia Bell Labs, our innovation engine, with years of relevant highways industry experience, and with expertise in mission-critical networks and in ultra-broadband communications, we are partner to highway agencies around the world. We offer the broadest portfolio of telecommunications products and services for highways with several compelling advantages over other communications solutions.

Build one intelligent communications network for highways that meets all communications needs of an ITS

Highway agencies seek a simplified and optimized communications infrastructure. The Nokia mission-critical communications solution for intelligent highways delivers a single, intelligent, multiservice and ultra-broadband network architecture in order to meet the stringent communications requirements of highways today and of next-generation ITS.

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