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Use Case:

Safer and efficient highway ready for future mobility

Prepare your mission-critical highway network for Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications and 5G

The Nokia V2X communications use case builds on our leadership in LTE. When combined with Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and in partnership with communication service providers, our LTE solution enables highway agencies and departments of transportation to realize V2X over a cellular network (C-V2X). The result is a low latency, ultra-responsive and high-availability network capable of supporting safety-critical V2X and situational awareness, including automated driving, but also new mobility and convenience services.

Challenge: Increase highway safety with safety-critical V2X communications

Human error causes 90 percent of the traffic accidents that kill 1.25 million people each year worldwide. That’s why highway agencies are looking to improve highway safety with V2X communications. The problem is, V2X requires an extremely low latency, below 100 ms, and many public mobile networks just can’t meet this standard — even with LTE. On top of that, potential alternatives, such as DSRC, are limited in range, support limited Quality of Service (QoS) and are lacking a roadmap to offer advanced V2X applications beyond safety-critical uses. 

Solution: Let a cellular network deliver safety-critical V2X in addition to new mobility and convenience services

Using a partnership model with communication service providers, our V2X solution combines MEC with today’s 3GPP-based cellular networks, such as LTE, to enable V2X communications use cases. By processing traffic at the roadside, our MEC platform supports low latency, safety-critical highway communications applications, such as electronic break light and vulnerable road user warning, but also distributed analytics for applications like hazardous road condition warning and new mobility and convenience services like infotainment.

End-to-end latency


Supports safety-critical V2X use cases below
20 ms



Leveraging existing communication infrastructure and roadside infrastructure, such as toll gantries, to mount antennas



5G alignment evolving to LTE-Vehicular technologies and allowing new service offerings

C-V2X thought leadership

By enhancing cellular networks for V2X communications, Nokia has established itself as an innovation leader in this domain. Nokia, for example, was the first to demonstrate how MEC, using a live LTE network, can be used to support safety-critical V2X communications. That’s important because safety-critical V2X use cases demand latency levels below 100 ms, exceeding the demands of today’s 3GPP-based cellular networks, including LTE. 

Enhanced cellular network

The good news is that the Nokia MEC-enhanced LTE cellular network solution addresses this problem, making the network V2X ready. By processing content at the very edge of the highway’s communication infrastructure, directly at the roadside, the Nokia MEC platform delivers the low latency and distributed functionality needed by highway operators for safety-critical V2X use cases as well as for new mobility and convenience services. These cases include predictive algorithms, distributed self-learning, and distributed analytics.

Why Nokia

Our mission-critical portfolio for highway agencies and departments of transportation delivers a future-ready solution for C-V2X aligned with the 3GPP roadmap for 5G telecommunications networks. Highway agencies can offer advanced safety-critical V2X applications, such as predictive-based driving based on long-distance information. Additionally, highway agencies can generate new revenue with ultra-responsive mobility and convenience services.

What’s more, the benefits of C-V2X can be realized at a lower cost by using existing cellular networks in a neutral host model in partnership with communications service providers.

Leverage your existing cellular network and embrace the advantages of V2X

Let Nokia help you build a future-ready V2X communications solution that aligns with 5G. As a trusted advisor to highway agencies and departments of transportation around the world, Nokia has the experience and innovation technologies you need. By enhancing your cellular network, our MEC platform delivers the performance required to assure next-generation, safety-critical highway capabilities.

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