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Smart City


Build a smarter, safer and more sustainable city

Our solutions help you create secure and livable cities that will attract and keep the best talent and employers – a virtuous cycle that increases your tax base and allows for growth and improvements.

We offer a long-term, platform approach that enables you to capitalize on synergies across applications, reuse shared capabilities and ensure an open approach to data and analytics. This approach helps you maximize limited budgets, enable public–private collaborations with entrepreneurs and innovators, and engage citizens directly in shaping their city’s future.

With our solutions, you can make your city smarter, safer and more sustainable by using smart technologies to:

  • Connect, engage and empower citizens
  • Develop innovative city services
  • Manage public safety more proactively
  • Streamline your operations
  • Reduce traffic congestion and ease stress on your infrastructure
  • Attract visitors, businesses and talented workers

Networking solutions for the new age of industry

Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

The Future X architecture harnesses technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking – including 5G – to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.

With the Future X architecture, you can enable the human possibilities of smart cities by interconnecting your systems, processes, activities and citizens.

  • Ease the flow of cars and people with smart mobility services. Simplify bus connections. Offer a real-time view of available parking. Monitor crowds in public venues.
  • Use energy resources more efficiently in homes and businesses, as well as for public lighting.
  • Enhance public safety with video-surveillance analytics, an integrated command and control center, and enhanced communications for first responders.
  • Improve healthcare in your city with remote monitoring applications, while keeping costs under control.
  • Enhance the fun and safety of large events and improve the tourist experience.

Increase efficiency and responsiveness while reducing operating costs with applications that unify the orchestration and management of smart city services, devices and applications.

  • Integrated Operations Center

    Streamline operations, improve situational awareness and shorten response times by gaining real-time visibility of your assets and services

  • IoT for Smart Cities

    Use the IoT to improve quality of life, foster economic growth and deliver on eco-sustainability initiatives

  • Scene analytics

    Optimize site surveillance and security with real-time video analytics that detect problems and anomalous activities

  • Digital moments at smart venues

    Improve revenue, security and visitor satisfaction by bringing smart broadband experiences to sports venues, stadiums and concert halls

  • Connected mobility for railways

    Use data from IoT sensors to simplify the monitoring, supervision and maintenance of your rolling stock and rail infrastructure

  • Healthcare

    Empower hospitals and clinics to use intelligent infrastructures and digital technologies to reduce costs and support better patient care

Create value for your city with platforms that ease application setup and updates and make efficient use of data and analytics.

  • IMPACT IoT platform

    Unlock competitive growth with new services and applications for the Internet of Things

Benefit from an open, multi-cloud architecture that supports low latency, high bandwidth and highly secure connections between data centers.

Improve the citizen experience by extending broadband coverage and capacity to every neighborhood and street. Reduce your network’s carbon footprint by deploying smaller and more efficient equipment in urban environments.

  • Smart Wi-FI

    Provide gigabit wireless access and context-based services with an end-to-end Wi-Fi solution that is easy to deploy

  • Community Broadband

    Build a gigabit network that will bring new opportunities to your community

  • Optical LAN

    Get gigabit networking that reduces OPEX, increases business agility and sustains mission-critical services

  • Mission-critical WAN for Industries

    Build a secure, reliable, scalable and flexible WAN infrastructure for your mission-critical operations

  • Nuage Networks SD-WAN

    Drive down wide area networking and branch office IT tasks with centralized, policy-based automation

Keep your networks, communications, devices and services safe from cyber threats with by taking a preventive and proactive approach to security.

  • NetGuard Security

    Secure traditional and cloud-based network architectures and protect end users and IoT devices from cyber threats

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