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Use Case:

Scalable cable networks for the gigabit era

Build all-IP gigabit cable networks that meet new service and traffic demands

Nokia can help you transform your network to handle exploding data traffic from big-bandwidth consumer and business services. Our solutions let you cost-effectively scale cable access, metro, and core networks and deliver innovative new services to your customers.

Challenge: Evolve your network to meet new traffic demands and service expectations

To address the demands of the gigabit era, you need a solution that:

  • Boosts network capacity and performance
  • Eases your head-end space and power burden
  • Increases agility, simplifies operations, and enables you to support new services
  • Leverages and unifies your existing cable assets while facilitating your evolution to a cloud-enabled, all-IP, fiber-rich network

Solution: Unified cable access with high-performance networking

We help you get ready for the gigabit era with a solution that blends unified cable access with high-performance IP/optical networking. Our solution allows you to enhance agility and manage unprecedented bandwidth demands by expanding network capacity and making the most of your current cable network investments. It enables you tap into new revenue opportunities by delivering innovative residential and business services through a scalable, cloud-enabled, broadband IP network.

High-level architecture for a gigabit cable network

operating costs


Use 8x less power and 7x less rack space by virtualizing and distributing key network functions

Build a terabit
backbone network


Deliver up to 6x more capacity with our FP4 network processor

Get more value
from your network


Use full-duplex DOCSIS to support 10G symmetric service over coax

Gainspeed unified cable access

Add capacity, improve service quality, and reduce costs by virtualizing your CCAP. With our unified cable access solution, you can create a distributed access architecture and apply NFV and SDN principles to the cable head-end. You can also preserve all legacy EQAM video assets and the existing coax connection to subscribers. The result is a simpler and more agile network that delivers better performance while using less space and power. Learn more >

7360 ISAM FX

Boost bit rates and use fiber more efficiently. Our 7360 ISAM FX product family allows you to simultaneously support multiple PON technologies and high-density point-to-point fiber services. It allows you to use familiar DOCSIS® provisioning for EPON-served customers via DPoE™ to reduce provisioning cost and complexity, and support the scale you need for today’s commercial and residential services. Learn more >

Full-duplex DOCSIS

Deliver 10 Gb/s symmetrical services over your existing hybrid fiber–coaxial (HFC) networks. Our breakthrough XG-CABLE technology effectively doubles the capacity of HFC networks. It enables full duplex transmission while eliminating the interference that once made full duplex over coax impossible. Learn more >

IP switching and routing

Prepare for the future by building much bigger, safer, and more adaptive cable networks. Our IP networking solutions let you create scalable, secure, and adaptable networks without compromise. Learn more >


Use virtualization to unleash the power of the cloud. With Nuage Networks™ SDN and SD-WAN products, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating cloud operations and networking tasks. Learn more >

Optical networking

Get the network capacity, efficiency, and flexibility you need to deploy and reconfigure services on demand. Our optical networking solutions enable you to deliver business-driven bandwidth while maintaining profitability and lowering cost per bit. Learn more >

IP video and content delivery networks

Leverage the latest cloud and IP technologies to build a scalable video platform. Our IP Video innovations help you generate new revenue, reduce transport, content storage and delivery costs, and meet customers’ expectations for outstanding digital media delivery. Learn more >

Bell Labs Consulting

Gain an independent view of technology and its financial impacts on your business. Bell Labs Consulting offers TCO modeling and business planning services that can help you compare network evolution scenarios and make investment decisions with clarity and confidence. Learn more >


Create scalable cable networks that deliver superior services for the cloud-enabled, all-IP, gigabit broadband era


Nokia can help you use unified cable access, virtualization, and IP/optical evolution to transform your cable network. Our technologies and expertise can enable you to address the challenges you face today and seize the opportunities presented by the coming all-IP, gigabit era. With our cable access solutions, you can build future-forward networks that support new services, deliver superior experiences, and delight your customers.


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